Jack ma – 2018-11-17 – Easy News


JD governance overhaul becomes more urgent
At the same time, competition from Jack Ma ‘sAlibaba and the recently-listed Pinduoduo, as well as costly bets in supermarkets, artificial intelligence …

The Looming Leadership Change Could Weigh Heavily on BABA Stock
Jack Ma announced his impending resignation as chairman in September. He named current CEO Daniel Zhang as his successor. In fairness, all …

Alibaba vs. JD.com: Which Is the Better Buy?
The Jack Ma Foundation, in much the same vein as Bill Gates’ foundation, will be the vehicle that returns him to his roots of teaching. It’s hard to argue …

Work hard, party harder: Nikhil Ranjan wants to have boardroom conversations with Sundar Pichai
Economic Times
Play: Jack Ma . Even though none of them [the contenders] play ice hockey (laughs), which is my preferred sport, I think I’ll pick Jack Ma . I am sure he …

Friends and family pay final respects to Chinese literary giant Louis Cha ‘Jin Yong’
South China Morning Post
… film director Ann Hui On-wah, mainland Chinese film director Zhang Jizhong, food critic Chua Lam, writer Chip Tsao and Alibaba chairman Jack Ma .

Jack Ma loses 11/11 lipstick selling challenge
Global Times
Jack Ma loses 11/11 lipstick selling challenge … He may be the co-founder of Alibaba Group, but Jack Ma clearly doesn’t know jack about lipstick.

FT minister defends Harapan Coin, cites Jack Ma
“The founder of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma , has also said it (the coin) is the future in terms of technology. “When we manage and use it well, there would …

Alibaba’s ‘Singles Day’ Sales Record A Symbol Of An Unstoppable China
Jack Ma , chairman of Alibaba Group. In Chinese parlance, the Singles Day shopping spree has made Ma China’s Five Star Billionaire Double Plus.

Jack Ma Takes the 11.11 Challenge
The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. Session ID: …

Alibaba founder Jack Ma stepping down to go back to teaching
Jack Ma will be stepping down as chairman of Alibaba Group in 2019. The billionaire started the e-commerce site Alibaba.com in his apartment nearly …

Amd – 2018-11-17 – 每日易讯


16, 2018 – Saber Interactive has announced a new partnership with AMD for the upcoming World War Z, the intense four-player cooperative game …

Intel’s fluctuating CPU pricing is in stark contrast to AMD’s consistency
Hoping Santa will bring you a shiny new CPU this Christmas? AMD is increasingly looking like a shoo-in for the holiday season on pricing stability …

Comedian Greg Hahn keeps it clean amd real
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
During an interview with Chris Rock, the iconic comic revealed that he has 10 minutes to be funny when he takes the stage. Greg Hahn, a veteran …

How to overclock an AMD Ryzen CPU
PC Gamer
AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are its fastest, most competitive parts in ages, but the universal truth still applies—you can make them even faster by overclocking.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809) Still Flawed, Incompatible With Some AMD GPUs
Tom”s Hardware
The problem lies with Trend Micro’s OfficeScan and Worry-Free Business Security software, as well as AMD Radeon HD 2000 or HD 4000 series …

Chip stocks set to tumble after Nvidia, AMD and Applied Materials pace losers
The semiconductor sector was headed for broad and sharp declines Thursday, after disappointing earnings reports from Nvidia Corp. NVDA, -18.70% …

AMD Ryzen 7 3700U APU Spotted With Similar Specs to 2700U
Tom”s Hardware
AMD released a couple of patches for its AMDGPU DRM Linux driver back in September whereby one of patches added support for the future Ryzen …

AMD : Big Horizon
Seeking Alpha
The recent dip in Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD ) to below $17 and Monday’s drop to $19 are rare opportunities to own a tech company on a major dip …

This Radeon RX 590 Game Bundle From AMD Is Insane
I really miss the AMD Radeon ‘Never Settle’ and ‘Never Settle Forever’ programs. Years ago both AMD and Nvidia would regularly incentivize GPU …

AMD stock drops 6% after hours, following Nvidia GPU inventory issues
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD , +3.27% stock fell 6.5% in the extended session Thursday after Nvidia Corp. NVDA, +2.64% released earnings that …

所以呢,首先你要会挑电脑,性能强劲,又不是单纯的游戏机,可以成为学习、工作的得力助手,在这里我推荐这几款 AMD 锐龙笔记本,差高性价比,满血 …

英伟达盘后跌逾18% 战略未失仍有机会
无独有偶,英伟达的竞争对手 AMD 早在10月下旬发布三季报,盈利略高于预期,但营业收入低于预期,盈利和营收均较二季度下滑,业绩指引中预期的四季度 …

虽然在独立GPU市场上英伟达和 AMD 独占了整个市场,但因为GPU被集成到CPU的模式被大量采用,所以intel在集成GPU市场的份额上遥遥领先于英伟达 …

游戏体验再升级Radeon RX 590新品上市双重好礼买就送
AMD Radeon RX系列显卡一直是消费级游戏显卡市场上的风向标,不过其已经一年多没有推出新品,这让A卡粉丝的等待期有些过长。近期,好消息终于 …

转眼时间就到2018年尾了,英伟达的RTX20系也发售了不少时日, AMD 这边却少了点动静,虽然 AMD 的股价在此期间节节高升,但是大家期盼的能与 …

释放“核芯”生产力联想携手 AMD 打造高性能商用一体机
近日,联想携手 AMD 推出以“从价格到价值,联想 AMD 产品深度解析”为主题的线上直播活动。活动邀请到了 AMD 高级产品市场经理梁宏伟和联想集团商用 …

最新Macbook Pro可以搭载 AMD Vega移动版显卡了
早在11月初, AMD 就放出了即将推出用于新一代笔电的全新 AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20与Radeon Pro Vega 16移动版显卡,提供高速、强劲且流畅的绘图 …

微软已阻止部分安装 AMD 显卡的电脑升级至Windows 10十月更新
微软表示由于 AMD 已经不再支持Radeon HD2000和HD4000系列的显卡(GPU),装备这些显卡的设备在升级Windows 10 Version 1809之后可能会出现各 …

7nm产品全线出击! AMD 大中华区合作伙伴峰会在京召开
2018年11月15日, AMD 在北京雁栖湖国际会议中心召开了 AMD 大中华区合作伙伴峰会,在此次峰会上 AMD 邀请了上千位合作伙伴、业内人士和媒体记者参 …

AMD 推出买显卡送游戏活动:送出3款价值1200元的游戏
最近 AMD 正式推出了全新显卡RX590,我们也对其进行了全面的测试, … 近日, AMD 在其官网上宣布了一项买显卡送游戏的活动,玩家最多可以免费获得 …


Where to Buy Radeon RX 590 Graphics
Amazon · Best Buy CyberPowerPC. Frys Ma Labs Microcenter (TUL) Microcenter (XFX) Newegg (ASUS) Newegg Walmart …

Tim cook – 2018-11-17 – Easy News


Qualcomm pushing anti-Apple campaign with same research firm used by Facebook, reports say
… highlighting things such as the company’s poor response to Russian abuse of its platform, Mark Zuckerberg’s disdain for Tim Cook , and more.

DealBook Briefing: How Facebook Wrestled With Its Scandals
New York Times
One story called [Apple’s C.E.O. Tim] Cook hypocritical for chiding Facebook over privacy, noting that Apple also collects reams of data from users.”.

Pro Rata
The next two episodes of ‘Axios on HBO’ will include interviews with Tim Cook , Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Plus some screen-time for yours truly.

More immediate news: We interview Tim Cook , Elon Musk and Bill Gates in the tech-heavy final two episodes of “Axios on HBO,” airing the next two …

Axios AM
New: Axios interviews Tim Cook , Elon Musk and Bill Gates in tech-heavy final two episodes of ‘Axios on HBO,’ airing the next two Sundays at 6:30 and …

Facebook BANNED its employees from using iPhones, after row with Apple over privacy
The Sun
The ban reportedly came in response to criticism of the social network from Apple boss Tim Cook , while the investigation also claimed that Facebook …

Gene Policinski: Making the web, social media ‘better’ places — with caution
Greeley Tribune
In Brussels, Apple CEO Tim Cook advocated for the U.S. to adopt the European Union’s strict data privacy law, enacted in May, allowing consumers to …

Model Nyle DiMarco Claps Back at Dane Cook’s Insensitive Joke about the Deaf Community
RELATED: Why America’s Next Top Model’s Nyle DiMarco and Apple CEO Tim Cook Met with Deaf Students. DiMarco makes a point to use his fame …

Tim Cook to Receive Courage Against Hate Award
The Mac Observer
Today the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) announced that Tim Cook will be the recipient of its first Courage Against Hate award. Mr. Cook will accept …

Facebook confirmed Mark Zuckerberg’s beef with Apple CEO Tim Cook in an official company …
Business Insider
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg might run two giant tech companies just a short drive down Route 101 from each other in …

马云 – 2018-11-17 – 每日易讯


终于明白了,为什么外国总统喜欢接见 马云 ,而不是马化腾?
提及中国互联网圈,就不得不提到阿里巴巴与腾讯这两家公司!但今天的主题是,为什么国外的总统都喜欢接见 马云 而不是马化腾呢?我简单的分析一下, …

被网友调侃是按照 马云 整容的女子现身,网友直言:蛇精本人
被网友调侃是按照 马云 整容的女子现身,网友直言:蛇精本人 … 其中,成功的个例是少数,失败的是大多数,比如最近很火的按照 马云 整容的姑娘,现如今的 …

曾跟随 马云 上市敲钟,快递员5年挣200万:低头做好手头小事,才能成就大事
阿里上市时跟随 马云 敲钟. 2014年,阿里巴巴在美国纽约上市, 马云 选择了8个阿里巴巴的客户作为敲钟人,其中一个是快递员窦立国。 当接到阿里工作人员 …

15位“ 马云 乡村校长”赴美访学,和美国校长们共议“未来学校”
此次访学行程,是由 马云 公益基金会联合夏威夷航空、夏威夷独立学校协会等机构,特意为获奖的乡村校长“量身定做”的,这也是校长们首次在国外参加学术 …

马云 加码互联网医疗:阿里健康联手支付宝整合资源
11月15日,阿里健康(港股6.31 -2.17%)发布公告表示,已与蚂蚁金服子公司支付宝签署战略合作协议。“阿里健康将独家在支付宝客户端上设立独立的医疗 …

他如何获得 马云 青睐成为天猫首位代言人
一年一度的网络购物狂欢节“双十一”已经正式落幕,毫无疑问的是,这一次天猫再一次刷新纪录,创造历史新高。 综合媒体11月15日报道,2018年“双十一”当 …

师者 马云 :攻守江湖19年
我想回归教育,做我热爱的事情会让我无比兴奋和幸福”,2018年9月10日, 马云 宣布:一年之后的教师节,他将卸任阿里巴巴董事局主席。 这一天是他54岁的 …

直击|张勇谈双11: 马云 曾问我今年能搞多少
张勇称,对于这个问题,很多人都发问过,“ 马云 也问过我今年能搞多少。说实话,我真没有数字的预估。我一直说,数字是结果,他是整个经济现象和过程所带 …

马云 话音刚落诡异事件发生中国富豪的命运何去何从?
马云 话音刚落诡异事件发生就在 马云 谈到〝我认为我们不应该想…控制自己,如果它对社会的未来有益… 〞时,发生了什么诡异事件?

马云 不在聚光灯下
在《穿布鞋的 马云 》这本书中,作者把阿里巴巴从开始创业到2014年上市,分成27个非常重要的节点。通过这些关键节点前后的决策背景和决策过程的描述, …

Driverless – 2018-11-17 – Easy News


Battery-driven and driverless vehicles to be developed by VW
Sierra Leone Times
WOLFSBURG, Germany – The Volkswagen Group has allocated almost €44 billion ($50 billion) for developments in electric cars, driverless cars, new …

Driverless cars and a new kind of “trolley problem”
For driverless cars, the Trolley Problem is no longer hypothetical. Faced with an impending and unavoidable accident, what should it do? What if the …

Driverless shuttle trial in Rennes
Metro Report International
FRANCE: A driverless shuttle trial started on the Beaulieu campus of Université de Rennes 1 on November 15 and will run until June.

Car sex EXPLOSION: Driverless vehicles will spawn ‘Red Light Districts on the MOVE’
Daily Star
And he said driverless cars might not be the only change AI brings to our sex lives. People might ‘be too engrossed in virtual reality sex to care about …

What driverless cars, tariffs and SUVs portend for Jacksonville’s logistics industry
Jacksonville Business Journal
Jacksonville leaders from every segment of the auto industry wrestled with the most significant issues facing the industry.

Google’s Waymo to launch driverless taxi service in two months
The Car Connection
Waymo, Google and parent company Alphabet’s self-driving car subsidiary, plans to launch its first self-driving taxi service in the next two months.

How Close Are We to Shipping Plants With Driverless Trucks?
Greenhouse Grower (blog)
“The technology exists right now for driverless trucks, but in the near future it’s most likely to be trucks operating in autonomous mode with human …

Perils and ethics of new driverless cars
The Guardian
I was disappointed that David Edmonds ( Driverless Cars still need a moral compass. But what kind?, Opinion, 15 November) failed to credit one of our …

Driverless cars will lead to more sex, study says
Driverless cars will mean we won’t have to pay attention to the road any longer. So what else will we do? Catch up on phone calls? Brows social …

How driverless buses will transform business travel at airports
Telecommunications company KT Corp. tested its first fully autonomous bus at South Korea’s largest international airport last week, according to the …