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Marketing socialism? Chinese businessman to build Communist Party theme park for $1.74 million
Beijing, Dec 18: It’s only recently that we came to learn that Chinese tycoon Jack Ma is a member of the country’s Communist Party. Before we could …

China’s economic miracle by the numbers
The Business Times
Beijing. FOUR decades after China’s late paramount leader, Deng Xiaoping, masterminded the ‘reform and opening up’ policy, the Asian giant has …

This CEO could lose more than any of the world’s richest billionaires in 2018
Fox Business
Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma , for example, saw his net worth drop to $36.7 billion from $45.6 billion, according to Bloomberg, an $8.9 billion decline.

Alibaba Opens First Hotel With Futuristic Features in China
Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang to Succeed Jack Ma as Chairman from … Jack Ma , Co-Founder of $420 Billion Alibaba Group, Set to Retire on Monday.

China snubbed Huawei’s founder as it honored 100 people for their “outstanding contributions”
Other technology titans who were named in this year’s list include Alibaba founder Jack Ma , Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi, Tencent founder Pony Ma, …

China’s economic miracle: 40-year rise in numbers
Economic Times
Beijing: Four decades after China’s late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping masterminded the ‘reform and opening up’ policy, the Asian giant has …

Xi’s answer to trade war starts with Party supremacy
Nikkei Asian Review
In his address at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, which was attended by Alibaba Group Holding founder Jack Ma Yun and Tencent Holdings CEO …

China’s richest man Jack Ma and retired NBA star Yao Ming are honoured by the Communist Party …
Daily Mail
China’s richest man Jack Ma , NBA star Yao Ming and foreign guests were among 110 people recognised by the Communist Party today for their …

China Hails Its Innovators and ‘Sea Turtles’
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. co-founder Jack Ma was lauded as a “digital economy innovator” while Baidu Inc. founder Robin Li was described as a …

Alibaba’s Jack Ma , NBA star Yao Ming among honored by Chinese Communist Party
BEIJING, China – China’s richest man Jack Ma , NBA star Yao Ming and foreign guests were among 110 people recognized by the Communist Party …

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Microsoft Re-Re-Releases the Windows 10 October 2018 Update
Tom”s Hardware
It’s deja vu all over again. Microsoft has made Windows 10 version 1809, also known as the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, available to everyone.

Microsoft 365′ for consumers could be on the way with Office, Skype and Windows
MICROSOFT’S RUMOURED plan to move to a full-on subscription model seems to be coming to pass. Rumours are swirling that ‘ Microsoft 365′, …

Microsoft to become the Facebook of enterprise collaborative chat
Microsoft dominated Spiceworks’ recent report that looked at how businesses communicate within small and large businesses. While Skype for …

Microsoft has been hiding $10 gift cards in newsletter emails
The Verge
Microsoft has been sneaking some holiday gifts into its email newsletters recently. Reddit posters noticed that if you click the red trees in a holiday …

Former Edge intern hints Google made changes to mess with Microsoft’s browser
You doubtless didn’t miss the fact that Microsoft has effectively waved the white flag with its Edge browser – switching it over to use the same …

Top 10 Microsoft Tips and Analyses of 2018
Microsoft’s preference for the subscription-based Office 365 over the ‘perpetual license’ version is starting to show up in its feature descriptions.

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox is called ‘Anaconda’ and will arrive in 2020
MICROSOFT IS REPORTEDLY gearing up to launch two new Xbox consoles in 2020, codenamed ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Lockhart’. According to a report at …

Microsoft patent filing shows wearable that mitigates involuntary movements
Digital Trends
Microsoft hasn’t been short of new patent ideas recently, but this latest one could be huge for certain people. A patent application has shown Microsoft  …

Microsoft Monday: Xbox One Bundles Discounted, Office 365 For Mac Gains Dark Mode, Clarity …
Microsoft Monday’ is a weekly column that focuses on all things Microsoft . This week “ Microsoft Monday” features news about a major Xbox One …

Better Buy: Amazon vs. Microsoft
Motley Fool
With their cloud-computing businesses helping to turbocharge growth, Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) have become …


Microsoft Authentication Library for Angular

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Kaspersky Threats – Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Threats — KLA11386 Multiple vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office.

Episode #191 Python’s journey at Microsoft
Talk Python
When you think about Microsoft , do you think about Python? Maybe not, but you probably should. They have been doing an incredible amount of work …

Microsoft Office 365
UC Santa Cruz
UC Santa Cruz participates in the UC-wide agreement with Microsoft , through which divisions, departments, labs, or other workgroups can purchase …

Graphcore adds $200m from BMW, Microsoft and leading investors, to drive growth
The next phase in our growth story starts today. Graphcore secures new $200m funding from BMW, Microsoft & leading financial investors to drive …

The Lenovo ThinkPad L390 and L390 Yoga are ready for business, whatever the size
Updates to the Lenovo ThinkPad L390 and L390 Yoga are designed to keep users and IT departments happy through proven reliability and …

Custom tags available soon in OneNote
Microsoft Tech Community
We’re extremely excited to bring custom tags to our users in the next few weeks! With this feature, users will be able to name the tag and – 302898.

Donut County
Donut County is a story-based physics puzzle game where you play as an ever-growing hole in the ground. Meet cute characters, steal their trash, and …

微软 – 2018-12-19 – 每日易讯


微软 专题:大象转身,云时代重回新成长周期—— 微软 如何重返全球市值第一
微软 对国内企业发展的启示:1)前瞻性布局新业务,跨越S曲线裂谷。2)IaaS领域巨头重资本投入,快速扩张IDC覆盖范围,相关产业链深度受益。IaaS行业 …

苹果亚马逊之后 微软 市值也已跌破8000亿美元
12月18日消息,据媒体报道,美国科技股在10月份之后表现不佳,苹果亚马逊等科技巨头的股价均下滑明显,市值曾超过了1.1万美元的苹果,目前市值已跌 …

微软 拟收购自由职业工作平台Upwork
引述cnBeta的消息,近日 微软 开始与自由职业工作平台Upwork开展合作,共同向客户提供企业级自由职业解决方案。USA Herald从数个消息源获悉,此举是 …

微软 Edge比谷歌Chrome快22%,为什么Edge浏览器却不受用户待
摘要:要说现在市场上占有率最高的浏览器是什么,很多人都认为是谷歌的Chrome浏览器,这一点确实是一个不争的事实。即使 微软 Win10装机量已经 …

微软 下一代Xbox游戏主机代号为Anaconda
微软 正在继续为其Xbox游戏机提供以爬行动物为主题的代号。最初的Xbox One代号为Durango,而Xbox One X则以蜘蛛纲动物为主题的Scorpio代号。

苹果招募了曾任职于特斯拉和 微软 的设计师
Engadget 中国版
苹果的设计团队刚新增了一名资历深厚的高级设计师Andrew Kim,他在自己LinkedIn 档案中表示曾经参与设计 微软 Windows 10 的UI、HoloLens 和Xbox …

AI 种黄瓜大赛结果揭晓, 微软 击败腾讯、英特尔夺冠
爱范儿 · 让未来触手可及
在荷兰瓦赫宁根大学发起的温室挑战赛——AI 种黄瓜比赛中, 微软 的团队击败了腾讯和英特尔等同行以及人类园艺专家,成为最终的获胜者,腾讯和中国 …

[多图] 微软 智能戒指专利曝光:可手势控制手表、显示器等产品
在Microsoft Band 2之后 微软 就没有再推出后续产品,不过最新技术专利表明这家软件巨头仍未彻底死心。继稍早前曝光了一款能减缓帕金森患者震颤的 …

微软 工程师:谷歌利用不正当手段对Edge造成了破坏
IT之家12月18日消息最近 微软 宣布Edge浏览器放弃开发的EdgeHTML浏览器引擎,转投使用谷歌的开源项目Chromium引擎。虽然很多人对于 微软 这一 …

物联网进程中, 微软 从「云」走到「边」
Leiphone (博客)
雷锋网(公众号:雷锋网)消息,12月18日, 微软 IoT In Action全球巡展在深圳开幕, 微软 在IoT方面的规划和布局也得以呈现。 微软 亚太区物联网及智能设备部 …

Intel – 2018-12-19 – Easy News


How to install Intel Graphics Windows DCH Drivers on Windows 10
Windows Central
To meet with the new requirements, Intel is making available new drivers for its graphics adapters, known as ‘Windows DCH Drivers’ (or ‘Windows …

Intel’s Grand Vision
EE Journal
Intel’s technology brain trust was in the house, milling around amongst the arriving journalists. Raja Koduri – Intel chief architect, kicked off the …

Intel seeks Oregon tax-exempt bonds to help finance $600 million water project
Intel wants $300 million in tax-exempt bonds from the state to help finance an enormous, $600 million water treatment project in Hillsboro. The bonds …

Rejuvenated Intel Highlights Benefits Of Competition
Seeking Alpha
It’s clear there’s a new attitude within Intel’s executive ranks. In addition to a humbler approach, the company openly talked about being a smaller …

Intel makes early moves for more fab
Electronics Weekly
PC OEMs are complaining about a shortage of Intel CPUs which is also affecting the DRAM and NAND markets. ‘This year, we raised our capital …

Intel to Sell McAfee: Reports
Computer Business Review
Private equity house Thoma Bravo is reported to be in talks with McAfee owners Intel and TPG Capital to buy the cybersecurity firm. The firm, which …

Prices Leak for Intel’s Monster 28-Core Xeon W-3175X CPU
Last year at Computex, Intel debuted an overclocked 5GHz 28-core Xeon CPU. It was always obvious that the CPU was more of a demonstration …

Intel (INTC) Stock Moves -1.63%: What You Should Know
Intel (INTC – Free Report) closed the most recent trading day at $47.08, moving -1.63% from the previous trading session. This change was narrower …

Intel Announces Chip Manufacturing Expansion
Fox Business
If you’ve been following chipmaker Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) lately, you probably know that during the current fourth quarter, the company expects to run …

Intel Announces Chip Manufacturing Expansion
Motley Fool
If you’ve been following chipmaker Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) lately, you probably know that during the current fourth quarter, the company expects to run …

英特尔 – 2018-12-19 – 每日易讯


英特尔 和TPG资本正就出售McAfee进行初步谈判
12月17日消息,一位消息人士日前表示,私募股权投资公司Thoma Bravo正就收购安全软件公司McAfee(迈克菲)与TPG资本和 英特尔 进行初步谈判。

英特尔 携一汽红旗、东软首推可量产的虚拟化智能驾舱
近日,一汽红旗、 英特尔 、东软2018智能驾舱技术交流研讨会在长春举行,现场展示了全国乃至全球范围内首款可量产的虚拟化智能驾舱。值得一提的是, …

英特尔 并未如人们预期推出第九代移动版酷睿处理器
今年(2018年)8月底, 英特尔 并未如人们预期推出第九代移动版酷睿处理器,而是时隔一年之后,在14nm++制程基础之上又进一步完善,推出了 …

您可能是通过 英特尔 的处理器认识 英特尔 的。但是 英特尔 不仅仅是制造处理器。得益于 英特尔 在技术范围的发明,企业、社会及世界上的每个人都能获得非凡 …

Lenovo 为入门级L 系列ThinkPad 加入新款 Intel 第八代处理器
Engadget 中国版
标题上提到的「新款 Intel 第八代处理器」,说起来还蛮复杂的。还记得早前发表的Whiskey Lake 处理器吗?过往如果 Intel 发表新核心架构的话,处理器也会 …

AI 种黄瓜大赛结果揭晓,微软击败腾讯、 英特尔 夺冠
爱范儿 · 让未来触手可及
在荷兰瓦赫宁根大学发起的温室挑战赛——AI 种黄瓜比赛中,微软的团队击败了腾讯和 英特尔 等同行以及人类园艺专家,成为最终的获胜者,腾讯和中国 …

英特尔 彻底退出AR,资产转给其他公司
据国外科技媒体报道,诺斯公司(North)是Focals AR眼镜背后的厂商,该公司收购了另一套AR眼镜背后的“技术组合”,即被取消的 英特尔 Vaune眼镜项目。

Intel 公布晶圆工厂扩建计划:增加芯片产能
Intel 的芯片业务依然呈现出一片欣欣向荣之景,官方今天公开了晶圆工厂的未来版图。集团副总裁、制造和运营部门总经理Ann Kelleher博士表示, Intel 今年 …

Intel 全球扩张计划:先提升14nm产能
据国外媒体报道, 英特尔 在夏季遇到一些阻力因市场对其处理器供不应求的需求。在公司的Xeon处理器中尤其如此,该处理器为 英特尔 的数据中心销售做出 …

挖空AMD背后:谁逼的 英特尔 慌不择路
身为市场领导者的 英特尔 正在从AMD挖人,而且还大有“挖空”AMD之势。 目前,包括AMD图形部门首席架构师以及处理器内核首席架构师在内等多位核心高 …