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Armstrong Henry H Associates Lifted Its Air Products & Chemicals (APD) Stake; Selkirk …
The Hi New Ulm
… have unveiled an unstaffed car vending machine in China; 03/05/2018 – Jack Ma’s Ant Financial adds two new money market funds to its platform; …

Pretium Res (PVG) Share Price Declined While Sun Valley Gold Cut Holding by $1.76 Million; As …
The Hi New Ulm
… 08/04/2018 – China’s SenseTime closes $600 mln funding led by Alibaba; 09/04/2018 – Alibaba’s Jack Ma urges Facebook to fix privacy issues; …

Garrison Bradford & Associates Has Lowered Its Holding in Thermo Fisher Sci (TMO) by $488000 …
The Yomi Blog (blog)
… IN THE U.S. ONCE INVENTORIES RUN OUT – NIKKEI; 30/05/2018 – MEDIA- Jack Ma’s Ant Financial lifts funding to over $12 billion – Bloomberg; …

As Hartford Finl Svcs 7.875 Pfd (HGH) Share Value Were Volatile, Roosevelt Investment Group …
The Yomi Blog (blog)
… COOPERATION FRAMEWORK PACT WITH ALIBABA; 10/04/2018 – Alibaba founder Jack Ma says friction between U.S. and China to be expected; …

Tech conference DLD: Win China the race to the Artificial intelligence?
Wire News Fax
… however, highlights that the Chinese success so far, thanks mainly to private capital and entrepreneurship – in allusion to, for example, Jack Ma , …

Micro firms handed a boost, thanks to new breed of private banks
Although his company is still very small, Peng said he also wants to run a business for 102 years, just like the practice of Jack Ma , the founder of …

Alibaba Undertakes Aggressive Cost Cuts Amid Slowing Economy
Alibaba Group Holding Limited BABA recently announced that it is looking to curb travel expenses and postpone the recruitment of new personnel …

Here’s the latest from Davos
The highlights from the business crowd are: Alibaba founder Jack Ma , BlackRock Chairman Larry Fink and Salesforce Chairman Marc Benioff.

Jack Ma featured in Foreign Policy magazine
Alibaba Founder Jack Ma has been listed among 2019’s list of top ‘100 global thinkers’ by Foreign Policy magazine. Jack Ma is the only Chinese …

IOC welcomes Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma to Lausanne
International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach welcomed Jack Ma , the Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, to the IOC headquarters …

Amd – 2019-01-23 – 每日易讯


Two gaming monitors with AMD FreeSync are on sale for less than $300
In the market for a reasonably priced, but still reasonably powerful gaming monitor? Online electronics retailer Monoprice is slashing prices on two …

Rumor: AMD Gonzalo APU for Next-Gen Game Consoles Leaks
PC Perspective
This is great news for AMD , who have been enjoying the royalties from the sales of consoles and could use the fresh injection of cash as gamers …

AMD Matisse CPUs and 5800MHz DDR4 memory modules referenced in AIDA64. Wait… what?
The upcoming AMD Matisse CPUs are being name-checked in the latest beta update for benchmarking software, AIDA64. The upcoming AMD  …

AMD Radeon VII Will Have Excellent Linux Support From Day 1
Talking about the performance of this consumer graphics card, AMD has said that Radeon VII is expected to deliver about 25% more performance as …

VIDEO: Visual benefits better with AMD over-treatment
WAIKOLOA, Hawaii — At Retina 2019 here, Carl D. Regillo, MD, discusses the latest data on anti-VEGF dosing regimens, which show that, over time, …

AMD Gonzalo APU in PS5, Xbox Next May Feature Navi Graphics, Zen Cores
AMD hasn’t formally announced that it has won the Xbox Next and PlayStation 5 contracts just yet, but it’s considered a more-or-less foregone …

Faulty molecular master switch may contribute to AMD
EurekAlert (press release)
This damage is similar to cellular effects observed in AMD , a common cause of vision loss among older Americans. The study was published today in …

HP introduces 2 more AMD -based education and enterprise Chromebooks
The HP Chromebook 11A G6 Education Edition uses the AMD A4-9120C APU (accelerated processing unit, which combines graphics and processing …

Core blimey… When is an AMD CPU core not a CPU core? It’s now up to a jury of 12 to decide
The Register
A class-action lawsuit against AMD claiming false advertising over its ‘eight core’ Opteron and FX processors has been given the go-ahead by a …

AMD Radeon VII graphics card will support Linux on launch day
AMD’s freshly unveiled Radeon VII graphics card, which was shown off recently at CES, will come with support for Linux straight out of the gate when …

NVIDIA显卡的此项技术叫G-Sync, AMD 显卡后来也支持类似的技术,取名Freesync。无论是G-Sync还是Freesync,其目的都是为了在杜绝画面撕裂的 …

不久前 AMD 发布了最新的7nm Radeon VII显卡
据介绍,日本网站4gamer.net与 AMD 营销经理Adam Kozak进行了交谈,称 AMD 目前正在使用Radeon VII测试DirectML,并实现类似于DLSS的效果。

7nm甜品级显卡 AMD Navi现身macOS原始码:这是RX 600?
近日外媒在挖掘mac OS系统更新的原始代码中,出现了“ AMD Radeon X6000”以及Navi 9/10/12/16的字样。目前看来苹果方面已经收到 AMD 递送的Navi样 …

微星笔记本/台机为何不用 AMD 处理器?微星CEO说原因有三
AMD 今年就要迎来50周年纪念了,官方昨天发了一个海报告诉大家他们今年值得期待的新产品,除了7nm处理器及显卡之外, AMD 宣传的一个重点还有 …


Faulty molecular master switch may contribute to AMD
This damage is similar to cellular effects observed in AMD , a common cause of vision loss among older Americans. The study was published today in …

Tim cook – 2019-01-23 – Easy News


Apple employees donated $125 million in charity in 2018
Times Now
… iPhone-maker wrote in a blog-post on Monday. Over the weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook also became part of the volunteering efforts in San Jose.

The Pros And Cons of Apple Stock
2, Tim Cook released a letter that included the following statement: “Based on these estimates, our revenue will be lower than our original guidance for …

Apple’s 2020 iPhones will likely get upgraded displays after the XR disappoints
However, CEO Tim Cook told CNBC earlier this month that the XR has been Apple’s best-selling iPhone model since it launched last fall.

Cook: Location, Funding Among Eleven Park Questions
Inside INdiana Business
Indianapolis-based KSM Location Advisors Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and President Katie Culp say efforts like the planned $550 million Eleven …

Apple, CEO Tim Cook double down on privacy demands
Compliance Week (blog)
While Facebook and Google continue to come under fire for bungling users’ data privacy, Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook , remain on the offensive …

Tim Cook Calls For Data Broker Clearinghouse
MediaPost Communications
Apple CEO Tim Cook has pulled data brokers into the privacy discussion, calling on the Federal Trade Commission to set up a “data broker …

Apple’s Tim Cook meets with power brokers at Davos, says education efforts ‘for the people’
Apple CEO Tim Cook is in Davos, Switzerland this week for the annual World Economic Forum, where corporate and political leaders gather to …

Tim Cook mingles with Microsoft’s Satya Nadella at World Economic Forum, touts Apple’s …
Apple CEO Tim Cook is in Switzerland this week amid the annual World Economic Forum. According to local reports, Tim Cook has mingled with the …

These Are the Most Over and Underrated CEOs
Three CEOs–Bezos, Tim Cook of Apple, and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase–managed to make it on to the most underrated and most overrated …

Apple: Don’t Blame Tim Cook
Seeking Alpha
Critics of Tim Cook say there has been no major follow on (or add on) product since he took over the CEO role. Well, they would be wrong, since Apple …

Microsoft – 2019-01-23 – Easy News


Microsoft Bolstering Security, Compliance With Microsoft 365 Add-Ons
Microsoft 365 enterprise users will now be able to buy new optional security and compliance packages to add deeper security and compliance …

How to Use Microsoft Teams for Free | PCMag.com
With the free flavor of Microsoft Teams, you get unlimited chats, audio and video calls, and 10GB of file storage for your entire team, plus 2GB of …

Microsoft , Intel Look to Cloud Sales as Earnings Season Begins
Results from Intel, Microsoft and Texas Instruments Inc. will follow International Business Machines Corp. over the next two weeks, providing a window …

Microsoft AI is powering digital transformation in India to fuel economic and social growth
OnMSFT (blog)
At its annual Media & Analyst Days event in India, Microsoft India shared details about its progress on its vision to democratize AI in the country to fuel …

Microsoft’s CEO – This Is the Challenge of our Times
Microsoft (MSFT – Get Report) CEO Satya Nadella on Tuesday, Jan. 22, stressed that the decoupling between the economic and productivity growth …

Microsoft’s Code Jumper makes programming physical for children with visual impairments
Microsoft just unloaded a whole bunch of news in time for the BETT education show. The most interesting bit of the bunch, however, is probably Code …

Why are we relying on tech overlords like Microsoft for affordable housing?
The Guardian
So, last Wednesday, when Microsoft announced a plan to dedicate $500m towards alleviating the affordable housing crisis in the area, one might …

Microsoft to start selling more Azure services directly starting in March
Microsoft is changing the way it will sell Azure services to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) starting in March. Microsoft will be advising customers …

Microsoft targets Chrome OS with $189 Windows 10 laptops for education
Digital Trends
Microsoft is gunning for Chromebooks in the education space by announcing seven new Windows 10 laptops that start at just $189. Targeted at …

Microsoft built a stylus for students as it goes aggressively after education market
Microsoft is taking the market so seriously that it’s just created a stylus specifically for students. The Microsoft Classroom Pen, introduced Tuesday, …


Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019
Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 – License – 1 PC/Mac – download – ESD – Win, Mac – All Languages.

Microsoft wants to hear your ideas on how to improve gaming on Windows
There’s a Gaming Mode in Windows 10 but there’s definitely room for improvement as Microsoft isn’t known for resting on its laurels. So if you have a …

What’s New in EDU – Bett Edition: Announcing new Windows 10 devices and tools to drive better …
Microsoft Education Blog
We’re introducing seven new affordable Windows 10 devices to our portfolio for schools, faster assignments and grading tools in Microsoft Teams, and …

See what’s happening at your Microsoft Store, with events for kids, students, business professionals and more.

Security Updates Guide
Microsoft Security Update Guide

Microsoft Redeem

微软 – 2019-01-23 – 每日易讯


微软 首席技术官:在21世纪你需要对人工智能有所了解
【CNMO新闻】 微软 首席技术官凯文·斯科特相信,未来对人工智能的理解将帮助人们成为更好的公民,”我认为,要想在21世纪成为一名消息灵通的公民,你 …

Lumia 950 XL运行Win10 ARM,仿佛Surface Phone
微软 已经停止支持Windows Phone,该公司计划在2019年12月停止对Windows 10 Mobile的技术支持。但是开发者用户社区仍在开展多个项目,这些项目 …

最前线丨 微软 公布HoloLens一项新专利,能让用户知道其他人的驾驶技术多烂
最近, 微软 发出的MWC2019(Mobile World Congress,移动世界大会)邀请函暗示了或将发布Hololens 2。不过,这次发布的该项专利是否未来如何运用,将 …

微软 Office 2019在中国上市:办公更高效
2019年1月22日,北京—— 微软 中国今日宣布,面向消费者及小型企业的Office 2019 正式上市。面向消费者及小型企业的Office 2019 包括Office 家庭和学生 …

微软 宣布Microsoft Walle应用将于2月28日退役
与Apple Pay、Android Pay相同,Microsoft Wallet是 微软 为Windows 10生态准备的支付应用,但由于Windows Phone战略失败,导致Microsoft Wallet无用 …

Win10平台游戏体验将天翻地覆? 微软 :调研ing
去年的时候, 微软 曾承诺过要通过改善Microsoft Store来提升PC端的游戏体验,而最近他们又再一次强调了这一行为的必要性,并希望能够获得用户的积极 …

微软 office 2019中国正式上市
2019年1月22日, 微软 中国今日宣布,面向消费者及小型企业的Office 2019 正式上市。面向消费者及小型企业的Office 2019 包括Office 家庭和学生版2019 …

纳德拉如何实现 微软 的低调复兴?
微软 首席执行官萨蒂亚·纳德拉在《财富》杂志科技头脑风暴会议上讲话。图片来源:Kevin Moloney — Fortune Brainstorm TECH …

Surface Pro被NFL教练怒摔: 微软 尴尬解释
随后这个行为被不少网友传到了社交网络上,为缓解尴尬, 微软 首席产品官Panos Panay第一时间分享推文表示不用担心设备,Surface Pro很抗摔。

微软 彻底告别移动操作系统
然而好景不长,短短几个月后,其地位就被加速转型且闷声发大财的 微软 取而代之了(当前亚马逊市值已超过了 微软 、苹果)。 但值得深思的是,和苹果当前的 …


微软 将在2020年全面停止Windows7更新
微软 已经宣布要在2020年1月14日停止Windows 7系统的更新和安全支持,Windows用户需要在Windows 7和Windows 10之间进行抉择了。