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‘The Favourite:’ What Role Does Joe Alwyn Play in the Movie?
The Cheat Sheet
That could be why Joe Alwyn and girlfriend Taylor Swift got together. Though he hasn’t been active professionally nearly as long as she has, …

The Price Is Right: Touring Sector Sees Growth by Finding What Fans Are Willing to Pay
The biggest mistake that StubHub made in recent memory was putting out a year-end list in 2015 saying Taylor Swift ‘s 1989 Tour was its No. 1 seller.

Grimes Defended Mitski Against Haters With A Taylor Swift Lyric
When a few disagreeable memes targeting Mitski began to surface on the internet, fans of all levels of notoriety—Grimes included—came to the …

Facial recognition technology at Taylor Swift concert sparks new surveillance debate
The widespread rollout of facial recognition technology is coming, whether we like it or not. In fact, Reports that Taylor Swift used a facial recognition …

Is Taylor Swift Still Dating Joe Alwyn? How Long the Couple Has Been Together
The Cheat Sheet
In case you missed it — and it wouldn’t be all that surprising if you did — Taylor Swift has found another romantic interest. But it looks like this one …

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition Review
You certainly couldn’t call this black and gold Taylor Swift edition understated, though. It’s covered in gold lettering and prominent Taylor Swift  …

Music from ‘A Star Is Born,’ ‘Black Panther’ makes shortlist for Oscar nods
ABC News
It’s looking more and more likely that Taylor Swift ‘ target=’_blank’>Lady Gaga will receive at least one Oscar nomination.

Taylor Swift Channels A ‘Zombie Hunter’ In Netflix Tour Poster: See The Art
You already know that Taylor Swift ‘s ‘reputation Stadium Tour’ is coming to Netflix on New Year’s Eve, but the official artwork for the upcoming TV …

Ed Sheeran Made More Money Touring in 2018 Than Any Other Artist, Including Beyoncé and …
He sold ‘4,860,482 tickets across 53 cities and 94 shows for an all-time record gross of $432 million.’ By comparison, Taylor Swift’s tour made $345.1 …

Taylor Swift Pregnant With Joe Alwyn’s Baby?
Gossip Cop
Exactly one year ago today, Gossip Cop busted a tabloid for wrongly speculating that Taylor Swift was pregnant with Joe Alwyn’s baby. It’s now 365 …

泰勒·斯威夫特 – 2018-12-19 – 每日易讯


亚太榜榜首之位仍然是属于尤长靖的!近日小尤新鲜“入职”新浪娱乐,担任“星小编”期间的表现也是可圈可点哦!欧美榜冠军位置属于 泰勒斯威夫特

2018 年国际科技大事盘点:《堡垒之夜》大热,共享滑板车引发混乱
泰勒 · 斯威夫特 的音乐又上榜首了,她的巡回演唱会门票几分钟就售光了,而且她有一群忠实粉丝,她们给自己取名叫“Swifties”。 泰勒 · 斯威夫特 一点没有大牌 …

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Vladimir Putin Is Allegedly Declaring War on Rap Music
Vladimir Putin recently made comments about hip-hop, and made it clear that he isn’t in support of the artwork. In comments he made this past …

Moscow Will Take Steps to Boost Security When US Leaves INF Treaty – Putin
Sputnik International
Russian President Vladimir Putin has pointed out that the country’s new weapons significantly increase the potential of Russia’s army and navy, also …

Kremlin rejects new US reports on Russian meddling
New York Post
Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin , rejected the claims, saying the reports sought to shift blame for social tensions in the …

Vladimir Putin Photo Calendar Sells Out in Japan
Breitbart News
A 2019 calendar dedicated to Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to have become Japan’s most popular Christmas presents, outpacing similar …

Vladimir Putin’s topless 2019 calendar becomes a shock Christmas bestseller in Japan
The Irish Sun
TOPLESS Vladimir Putin wading through icy water and playing with puppies in the snow are just some of the snaps in Japan’s best-selling 2019 …

Russia’s Vladimir Putin boasts about military’s ‘unparalleled’ new weapons
Mr Putin says the new Kinzhal hypersonic missile will ensure Russia’s security for decades. Source: Breakfast. Topics. World. MOST. POPULAR …

The inner workings of Vladimir Putin’s state
The Economist
Under President Vladimir Putin this has become even more dominant than the Soviet KGB he once served. Mr Shestun played a part in that …

Putin: New Russian missiles will give the West ‘food for thought’
Washington Examiner
A new missile system should give Western powers pause before they threaten Russia, Vladimir Putin told his defense advisers in Moscow on Tuesday …

Vladimir Putin Decries Prosecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia
(MOSCOW) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to look into the reported persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Russia officially banned …

Vladimir Putin proves an unlikely pin-up in Japan topping 2019 calendar sales
But perhaps less conventionally, Japan’s latest calendar pin-up is no fresh-faced popstar: it’s Vladimir Putin , the president of Russia. Loft, a Japanese …


Vladimir Putin Pledges To Look Into The Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses In Russia
Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to look into the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in his country.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Comedy Central
Prada faces backlash for displaying racist-looking figurines, Vladimir Putin seeks to regulate rap music, and rapper Offset puts his estranged wife …

普京 – 2018-12-19 – 每日易讯


欧盟表态支持乌克兰,俄罗斯另一番光景:白俄总统再让 普京 失望
在独立后的原苏联加盟共和国中,白俄罗斯可以称得上是个另类,这个国家在独立后几乎没有任何改变,连臭名昭著的克格勃都全盘保留,唯一不同的,大概 …

欧盟表态支持乌克兰,俄罗斯另一番光景:白俄总统再让 普京 失望
此前, 普京 曾以开玩笑的态度,向卢卡申科提议俄白两国合并,遭到后者严厉拒绝(当惯了皇帝谁愿屈居人下)。白俄罗斯在欧洲属于另类,才不得不抱俄罗斯 …

第二届中俄冬季青少年运动会在俄举行 普京 发来贺信
本报讯12月15日,第二届中俄冬季青少年运动会在俄罗斯乌法隆重开幕。俄罗斯总统 普京 为运动会发来了贺信。 普京 总统在贺信中表示,很高兴看到举办中 …

普京 严批“涉毒”音乐:是国家走向堕落之路
正如你所说,说唱音乐的三个根基是:性、毒品和抗议。其中最大的问题是毒品,这是很明显的事情。这使国家走向堕落之路。”15日,俄罗斯总统 普京 在 …

三名与 普京 为敌的俄罗斯富豪惨淡离世,俄航往事浮出水面
他生前曾是俄罗斯商业三巨头之一,三人均在俄罗斯国企私有化过程中积累了大量财富,并协助建立政治体系,送 普京 登上总统之位。与 普京 失和后,三人逃 …

普京 发动了一场新的战争打不打得赢他心里也打鼓
在不少西方媒体眼中, 普京 发动了一场新的战争! 这是一场真正没有硝烟的战争,但难度或许更超过他以往发动的任何战争。 因为战争的对象,就是在年轻 …

普京 为绝症儿童圆梦再次展现亲民形象
原标题: 普京 为绝症儿童圆梦再次展现亲民形象. [环球时报综合报道]“俄罗斯总统 普京 帮助身患绝症的小男孩阿尔焦姆·帕里扬诺夫实现了鸟瞰圣彼得堡全景 …

为重病男孩圆梦 普京 送其坐直升机俯瞰圣彼得堡
当地时间12月15日,俄罗斯总统 普京 在圣彼得堡康斯坦丁宫接待了一名重病的14岁男孩和他家人,并为男孩安排了圣彼得堡直升机之旅,助他圆梦。暖心的 …

普京 :美欲退出《中导条约》令人忧虑将削弱安全
中新网12月18日电据俄罗斯卫星网报道,俄罗斯总统 普京 在俄国防部扩大部务会议上表示,美国打算退出《中导条约》一事令人极其忧虑。 普京 说:“美国有关 …

普京 月历在日本成“爆款” 销量超羽生结弦
综合报道,俄罗斯总统 普京 的硬汉形象深入人心,在俄罗斯受到民众欢迎。其实, 普京 在日本也有不少“粉丝”。据在日本独家发售 普京 月历的连锁零售店表示, …

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A government shutdown could cost the US economy billions
The three longest government shutdowns occurred under Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama . The Clinton shutdown …

Beto O’Rourke and the New Democratic Purity Test
The Atlantic
Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress and a former domestic-policy adviser to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama , pushed …

Trump’s School-Safety Commission’s Strange Focus on Discipline
The Atlantic
… in the past—including school-safety recommendations in the wake of school shootings during both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama  …

Put down that tiki torch, take up a harpsichord!
Chicago Sun-Times
“Donald Trump is president today because Barack Obama , by any number of measures, was the worst president in U.S. history,” wrote … well, …

Obama, Bill Gates + 3 other leaders on their top business book picks
Becker”s Hospital Review
CNBC compiled a list of book recommendations successful leaders and businessmen — including former President Barack Obama , Bill Gates, Warren …

A federal judge ruled against Obamacare. What happens now?
PBS NewsHour
… the health care overhaul championed by President Barack Obama and twice sustained by the Supreme Court. Judge Reed O’Connor’s opinion was …

Donald Trump’s 2018 Christmas Portrait Vs. Barack Obama’s 2010 Portrait Show One Big Difference
Elite Daily
Christmas is barely a week away (!), and the first family is sharing its holiday wishes with the country. On Tuesday, Dec. 18, the White House released …

Letter: Democrats were once tough on immigration
The Mercury News
Trump quote? No, then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2006. President Clinton expressed the same concerns in his 1995 State of the Union speech.

Barack Obama wins another award to put next to his Nobel Peace Prize and two Grammy awards
We’re sorry if we missed any major awards in the headline, but certainly, everyone knows that President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel …

A Study in Contrasts: How Trump and Obama Dealt With Midterm Setbacks
New York Magazine
President Obama , appearing somber and reflective after what he described as a “shellacking” at the polls Tuesday night, conceded Wednesday that …