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A government shutdown could cost the US economy billions
The three longest government shutdowns occurred under Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama . The Clinton shutdown …

Beto O’Rourke and the New Democratic Purity Test
The Atlantic
Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress and a former domestic-policy adviser to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama , pushed …

Trump’s School-Safety Commission’s Strange Focus on Discipline
The Atlantic
… in the past—including school-safety recommendations in the wake of school shootings during both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama  …

Put down that tiki torch, take up a harpsichord!
Chicago Sun-Times
“Donald Trump is president today because Barack Obama , by any number of measures, was the worst president in U.S. history,” wrote … well, …

Obama, Bill Gates + 3 other leaders on their top business book picks
Becker”s Hospital Review
CNBC compiled a list of book recommendations successful leaders and businessmen — including former President Barack Obama , Bill Gates, Warren …

A federal judge ruled against Obamacare. What happens now?
PBS NewsHour
… the health care overhaul championed by President Barack Obama and twice sustained by the Supreme Court. Judge Reed O’Connor’s opinion was …

Donald Trump’s 2018 Christmas Portrait Vs. Barack Obama’s 2010 Portrait Show One Big Difference
Elite Daily
Christmas is barely a week away (!), and the first family is sharing its holiday wishes with the country. On Tuesday, Dec. 18, the White House released …

Letter: Democrats were once tough on immigration
The Mercury News
Trump quote? No, then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2006. President Clinton expressed the same concerns in his 1995 State of the Union speech.

Barack Obama wins another award to put next to his Nobel Peace Prize and two Grammy awards
We’re sorry if we missed any major awards in the headline, but certainly, everyone knows that President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel …

A Study in Contrasts: How Trump and Obama Dealt With Midterm Setbacks
New York Magazine
President Obama , appearing somber and reflective after what he described as a “shellacking” at the polls Tuesday night, conceded Wednesday that …

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[导读]中新网12月17日电据美国《世界日报》报道,美国联邦法官14日裁定,俗称“ 奥巴马 医保”的平价医疗法违反美国宪法,引起广泛关注。最新一项民调显示, …

2015年8月, 奥巴马 公布了《清洁电力计划》的最终版本,被称为“史上最严减排计划”。当时围绕这一计划,各界展开了激烈讨论,美国希望通过这一计划推动 …

但也有分析认为,特朗普政府的政策和 奥巴马 政府的战略忍耐的性质有所不同。这仅是在与朝鲜协商中为获得更多而选择“不着急”,而不是美国政府对朝核 …

新浪网 (博客)
周一,美国医疗保险公司股价下跌,医院和医疗保健公司股价下跌。因美国德克萨斯州联邦法院法官14日裁定,俗称 奥巴马 医改法案的平价医疗法案违反 …

奥巴马 :废除平价医保法案民众将面临医疗风险
中新网12月18日电据外媒报道,日前,美国德州联邦法官裁决被称为 奥巴马 医保(Obamacare)的平价医疗法违宪。美国前总统 奥巴马 在15日社交网站上 …

Barack obama – 2018-12-18 – Easy News


White House Meals For Trump Vs. Obama Show Their Culinary Tastes Are Dramatically Different
From the differences in their general tone and demeanor, to their preferred political policies, Donald Trump and Barack Obama are two dramatically …

Poll: Americans don’t believe Trump has received the message from the midterms
… say they’d re-elect him — is that this isn’t far off from where Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were after their midterm drubbings in 1994 and 2010.

Trump says he would work with Democrats on ‘great’ replacement if Obamacare is scrapped
… stripped from the law in its tax overhaul last year, former President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement violates the Constitution.

Why Were There So Many Corrupt People In The Obama Administration?
The only answer I can come up with is that Barack Obama himself was a very corrupt person. Who else would have had so many corrupt people that …

Why children’s rights must be front and center for conservatives: Heritage panel
Christian Post
Faust began blogging about this in 2012 soon after former President Barack Obama announced he had ‘evolved’ on the issue of same-sex marriage …

RFK Humans Rights Honors Barack Obama for a Job Well Drone
RFK Humans Rights Honors Barack Obama for a Job Well Drone … for his “commitment to veterans”, Barack Obama was honored by the Robert F.

Obama Slams Affordable Care Act Ruling, ‘ Republicans Will Never Stop’ KUSA
Former President Barack Obama took to social media to respond to a federal judge’s ruling to strike down important pieces of Obama Care. Veuer’s …

Obama goes to bat for the Affordable Care Act that Leslie Rutledge wants to kill
Arkansas Times (blog)
Former President Barack Obama has been rallying people to continue to sign up for health insurance coverage although a federal court ruling in …

Business books recommended by Bill Gates, Barack Obama and other successful people
From former President Barack Obama to billionaire Mark Cuban, here are the books these leaders have recommended this year that will give you the …

‘Republicans will never stop’: Obama rips GOP after the Affordable Care Act ruled unconstitutional
Washington Post
In the days leading up to the Saturday deadline to enroll for 2019 coverage under the Affordable Care Act, former president Barack Obama said he …


‘scary,’ Obama says
Former President Barack Obama responded Saturday on social media to a federal judge’s ruling that core aspects of the Affordable Care Act were …

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The ChinaPress
尽管大多数民主党人认为,在 奥巴马 政府执政期间,美国在国际上受到的尊重有所下降,但在2016年至2017年唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)当选美国总统 …

英为财情 –周一,美国医疗保健股可能会下跌,因投资者正在衡量美国一名法官裁定 奥巴马 医改违宪(《平价医疗法案》)所带来的影响。 据彭博 …

从前总统克林顿和 奥巴马 ,到J·K·罗琳、萨尔曼·拉什迪,再到摄影师安妮·莱博维茨。 这里是美国首都最著名的书店之一,政治与散文书店兼咖啡馆。 自35年 …

真的要又关门? 建墙资金达不成妥协政府面临部分停摆
The ChinaPress
在周日中午,特朗普(Donald Trump)发推继续力挺自己的移民政策,“在 奥巴马 政府执政期间,民主党关于边境的儿童分离政策远比我们现在处理的方式更 …

然而,特朗普在“推特”上回应称:“ 奥巴马 时期民主党人在边境上分离儿童的政策比我们现在糟糕得多。回想一下2014年以后的情形——儿童被关在牢笼里, …

本文来源:英为财情 (ID:Investing-com),华尔街见闻专栏作者. 周一,美国医疗保健股可能会下跌,因投资者正在衡量美国一名法官裁定 奥巴马  …

历史上的今天,12月17日:美国古巴恢复外交—— 奥巴马 找到了组织
2009年十一月底,美国第44任总统巴拉克· 奥巴马 和第一夫人米歇尔,开始布置圣诞树。忙了好几天,美国第一家庭的男女主人跟往常一样,温情的手牵着手 …

联邦法官裁定 奥巴马 健保法违宪美健保下一步走向何方?
【希望之声2018年12月17日】(本台记者子涵综合编译). 16K 128K. 主持:子涵、雪莉. 1、 千人计划渗透美研究机构引学界密切关注 2、 联邦法官裁定 奥巴马  …

7岁移民女童入境美国后惨死特朗普: 奥巴马 时期的政策更糟
当地时间12月16日,在哈克林死亡事件发酵后不久,特朗普在“推特”上写道:“ 奥巴马 时期民主党人在边境分离儿童(与成人)的政策比我们现在糟糕得多。

奥巴马 健保被判违宪若真废除对你有何影响?
The ChinaPress
【侨报讯】得州(Texas)一名联邦法官于周五裁决 奥巴马 健保违反宪法,虽然不会立刻对美国民众的健保产生影响,但如果一路上诉到最高法院并获得支持, …

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Texas judge’s ruling to strike down Obama health law puts GOP in a quandary
The Advocate
‘The fact that they could cause their fellow Republicans harm did not seem to bother them,’ said Wilensky, a critic of President Barack Obama’s  …

Trump will likely win reelection in 2020
The Hill
… 1994 and Barack Obama’s party lost 63 House seats in 2010, yet both men garnered more than 330 Electoral Votes in 1996 and 2012, respectively.

Obama Surprises Volunteers At Greater Chicago Food Depository On The Day Before …
CBS Chicago
The day before #ThanksgivingEve, former president Barack Obama surprised volunteers at the Greater Chicago Food Depository on Tuesday when …

‘Ohhhh the irony!’ Barack Obama makes ANOTHER promise about Obamacare (this time after a …
But after a federal judge ruled parts of the Obamacare law unconstitutional, former President Obama has delivered even more promises to reassure …

Michelle Obama Opens Up About Her and George W. Bush’s Heartwarming Candy Exchanges
Entertainment Tonight
5, cameras captured the 72-year-old politician greeting Michelle and former president Barack Obama during his father’s service. Upon seeing Michelle …

Trump Makes Renewed Case For Family Separation
President Donald Trump on Sunday repeated a well-worn falsehood about former President Barack Obama’s immigration record while making a new …

Oh, Brother: Obama Compares JFK, MLK Murders to Vegas, Thousand Oaks Mass Shootings
Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday was presented with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award, which celebrates …

Barack and Michelle Obama are ‘Becoming’ a Billion-dollar Brand
Barack Obama currently rakes in $400,000 per speech. The fees come on top of his $207,800 annual presidential pension, which he began receiving …

Obama responds to ruling against Obamacare: It changes ‘nothing for now’
Former President Barack Obama has weighed in after a federal judge in Texas ruled Obamacare “unconstitutional.” Obama said, in part, in a …

Obama pushes for ObamaCare enrollments after Texas judge deems law unconstitutional
Fox News
Barack Obama took to social media Saturday to urge people to sign up for health care on the final day of Affordable Care Act enrollment. His appeal …