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The strong economy is keeping Donald Trump afloat. What happens if it tanks?
The chance of a recession in 2019 is higher than it’s been at any point since Donald Trump became President, according to CNBC’s Fed Survey.

Donald Trump is well positioned to fend off a primary challenge in 2020
(CNN) President Donald Trump continues to look in prime position to win his party’s nomination for president in 2020. While Republicans such as …

Russia’s support for Trump’s election is no longer disputable
Washington Post
TWO REPORTS prepared for the Senate on Russian disinformation unfold a now-indisputable narrative: The Kremlin engaged in a coordinated …

Donald Trump just keeps making history (On cabinet departures)
Washington (CNN) Donald Trump is fond of reminding you — well, everyone really — that he is making history all the damn time. ‘Nobody’s done what …

For Trump , the economy is a potential 2020 storm cloud
ABC News
Forget Robert Mueller. The greatest threat to President Donald Trump ‘s re-election bid may not be the slew of investigations closing in on his Oval …

Donald Trump’s constant, escalating test to the rule of law
In just the last few days, President Donald Trump has jumped into active court cases, attacked legally supported investigations and put his own …

Here’s the little secret of Mick Mulvaney’s flip-flop on Donald Trump
(CNN) Less than two years ago, Mick Mulvaney repeatedly attacked then candidate Donald Trump as a ‘terrible human being’ whose actions before …

Trump agrees to shut down his charity amid allegations that he used it for personal and political …
Washington Post
The Trump Foundation was never the most impressive part of Trump’s … The attorney general’s investigation turned up evidence that Donald Trump Jr.

President Trump and first lady Melania release 2018 White House Christmas portrait
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump posed for their 2018 official White House Christmas portrait in a hall crowded with green …

Donald Trump’s Michael Flynn-sized blind spot was just exposed again
(CNN) In the run-up to Tuesday’s sentencing of Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump and his allies seemed to be convinced that the former national …


Russia used all major social media platforms to aid Trump – report
Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election on social media was more widespread than previously thought and included attempts to …

Executive Orders
Presidency Project – UC Santa Barbara

Former FBI chief Comey lashes out at Trump ‘lies’, Republicans
Former FBI director James Comey has lashed out at Donald Trump for telling ‘lies’ and undermining the rule of law, and urged Republicans to stand …

Trump Foundation reaches deal to dissolve amid lawsuit with New York’s attorney general
President Trump should file suit against the prosecutors for not going after the past adminstrations and the Clinton Cartel, in a timely manner!

Donald Trump , Melania Trump pose in official Wh…
Cox Communications
The White House has released the official Christmas portrait of President Donald Trump .

Jenifer Lewis
Black America Web
Black-ish” actress Jenifer Lewis is tired of President 45 and she wants him gone. As far as she’s concerned, Donald Trump has done some really bad, …

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非法模式令人震惊? 特朗普 基金会同意在司法监督下解散
FX168财经报社(香港)讯纽约总检察长芭芭拉·安德伍德(Barbara Underwood)周二(12月18日)宣布, 特朗普 基金会(Donald J. Trump Foundation)同意在 …

美媒:报告称俄曾在社交媒体设置话题为 特朗普 助选
中新网12月18日电据美媒17日报道,牛津大学为美国参议院情报委员会准备的一份报告显示,俄罗斯在2016年美国大选期间对当时的总统候选人 特朗普  …

在谷歌上搜索“白痴”会显示 特朗普 的照片,怎么回事?
在谷歌上搜索“白痴”会显示 特朗普 的照片,怎么回事? … 并未回应为什么有人在搜索“白痴”时,美国总统唐纳德· 特朗普 的照片会在搜索结果的前列出现。

“加拿大司法独立” “跟 特朗普 说了?” “没有……”
针对美国总统 特朗普 表态说他可能会介入此案,特鲁多称,“加拿大重视法治,我们将实行并保护司法独立”,记者打断了他的“套词”,随后追问,“那么你给特朗 …

特朗普 前顾问承认在网上散布郭文贵的不实之言
美国总统 特朗普 竞选团队的前顾问罗杰·斯通(Roger Stone)星期一(12月17日)承认在他的网络平台Infowars上传播流亡美国的中国商人郭文贵的虚假信息。

特朗普 基金会达成解散协议
美国总统唐纳德· 特朗普 同意解散他的私人慈善组织 特朗普 基金会,在这之前,纽约州的司法部长提起诉讼,指责 特朗普 不当使用该基金会,为其2016年总统 …

美参院报告确认俄助 特朗普 胜选,俄回应:报告“不可理解”,指控毫无根据
牛津大学网络研究所的报告称,IRA发布的所有内容都对共和党,尤其是 特朗普 有利。他们甚至在帖子中将 特朗普 比作“耶稣”,将希拉里比作“恶魔”。该机构 …

特朗普 刚刚吹完“我们赢了” 美国三大股指就暴跌了
特朗普 在17日的推特上对此表示了不满,但行为措辞却是在“炫耀”。他说:“真不可思议,我们的美元太强劲了。几乎没有通货膨胀。再看看我们的外部世界, …

全面回顾! 特朗普 对美联储主席鲍威尔的’相爱相杀’
新浪美股北京时间12月18日讯,因为逐步加息问题,美联储主席杰罗姆·鲍威尔正受到总统唐纳德· 特朗普 越来越大的压力。 特朗普 表示,加息将扼杀经济增长 …

美联储决议前压力山大 特朗普 :感受市场别再犯错
FX168财经报社(香港)讯周二(12月18日),市场在预期中美联储今年的最后一次加息前紧张不已,股市从昨日开始暴跌。美国总统 特朗普 也连续发表针对性 …

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Adam Schiff threatens to probe Donald Trump’s personal finances
New York Post
Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff ramped up his threats to investigate President Trump’s personal finances on Sunday — a subject Trump has called a …

Iowa Poll: Iowa Republicans agree with Michael Cohen — Trump should lay off Twitter
Most Iowa Republicans like President Donald Trump’s policy decisions, but most also wish he would stop tweeting. A new Des Moines …

Trump’s Washington faces one last week of uproar in 2018
(CNN) A frenzied year in Washington is going out with a roar as the political forces that combined to make the first half of President Donald Trump’s  …

Against Trump Visiting the Troops
The Atlantic
On Sunday, The New York Times published “Put Down the Golf Clubs, Visit the Troops,” an editorial calling on President Donald Trump to follow in the …

Donald Trump’s ‘Temper Tantrum’ Is Not Going to Get Him a Border Wall ‘in Any Form,’ Vows Chuck …
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Republicans shouldn’t allow President Donald Trump to shut down the government because of a …

Republicans Who Could Run Against Trump
The New Yorker
Like many people, James Comey, the former F.B.I. director, has been thinking about the best way for the Presidency of Donald Trump to end.

Donald Trump , Goldman Sachs, Hungary: Your Monday Briefing
New York Times
(Want to get this briefing by email? Here’s the sign-up.) Good morning,. We start with a crucial week in Congress, a deal to save the Paris climate …

Calling Michael Cohen a ‘Rat,’ Trump brings ‘American underworld’ lingo to the White House
Washington Post
… seizing, among other material, communications between Cohen and Trump — a fact that led the president to declare attorney-client privilege “dead.”.

Where Donald Trump supporters split with Donald Trump
Washington (CNN) Supporters of President Donald Trump are sometimes painted with a broad brush, unequivocally loyal regardless of controversies …

Rudy Giuliani’s truly remarkable answer on Donald Trump’s lying
(CNN) Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani spent his Sunday ‘defending’ Donald Trump and ‘advocating’ for the President’s innocence as it …

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特朗普 反全球化?他是想让世界为美国的“右翼全球化”买单
特朗普 。视觉中国资料. 在美国 特朗普 政府“一石激起千层浪”的国际经济政策中,提高关税和贸易本土化无疑是较为突出的特征,也引发了世界各国的广泛 …

VOA连线(黄耀毅): 特朗普 政府反对美联储升息
美国总统 特朗普 星期一引用中国现在的经济情况和法国的社会骚乱,认为相比之下美国表现良好。他批评美联储考虑升息的决定。同时,白宫贸易顾问纳瓦罗 …

7岁移民女童入境美国后惨死 特朗普 :奥巴马时期的政策更糟
危地马拉7岁移民女孩哈克林在美国死亡事件引起轩然大波后,美国总统 特朗普 仍不为所动,为自己的移民政策辩护。 当地时间12月16日,在哈克林死亡 …

特朗普 :目前情况下美联储“甚至考虑加息”难以置信
美国总统 特朗普 表示,在美元非常坚挺、国内没有通货膨胀的情况下,美联储“甚至考虑加息”是难以置信的。 美国总统 特朗普 表示,在美元非常坚挺、国内 …

媒体曝 特朗普 就职委员会在 特朗普 酒店订房险挨宰伊万卡从中协调
The ChinaPress
【侨报讯】近日有消息称总统 特朗普 的就职委员会筹集的上亿捐款的去向正受到纽约联邦检察官的调查,而据媒体周五爆料称,该委员会的部分资金用于在特 …

全面回顾! 特朗普 对美联储主席鲍威尔的’相爱相杀’
金融界美股讯因为逐步加息问题,美联储主席杰罗姆·鲍威尔正受到总统唐纳德· 特朗 越来越大的压力。 特朗普 表示,加息将扼杀经济增长。鲍威尔尚未公开 …

特朗普 低调应对孟晚舟事件美国右翼玩过火了
在被问及“是否担心美国总统 特朗普 暗示他或介入孟晚舟一案,会使加拿大处于与中国的贸易争端之中”时,蓬佩奥称他并不这么认为,“中美正进行一系列 …

特朗普 总统称将审阅一退伍特种兵被控谋杀案件
美国总统 特朗普 说,他将审阅一名曾立功受奖的退伍特种兵的谋杀案。这名前特种兵被指控2010年在阿富汗打死一名塔利班炸弹制造手嫌疑人。 特朗普 总统 …

“通俄门”调查:白宫高官称 特朗普 不会与穆勒面谈
11月,白宫向穆勒办公室提交了 特朗普 的书面回答, 特朗普 表示2016年竞选团队高层与俄律师会面前他不知情,但他拒绝回答有关是否干预司法的问题。

2018年 特朗普 在“美国优先”外交政策上留下印记
特朗普 总统在2018年推行的外交政策旨在撼动那些构建了二战后国际秩序的机构,这些政策充实了他的“美国优先”政治信条。美国之音外交事务记者辛迪· …


检方望就通俄门当面讯问 特朗普 律师:除非等我死
原标题:美检方寻求就“通俄门”当面讯问 特朗普 律师:除非等到我死. 参考消息网12月17日报道台媒称,美国总统 特朗普 的律师朱利亚尼12月17日表示,特朗 …

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As the Trumps Dodged Taxes, Their Tenants Paid a Price
New York Times
All County was owned by Donald Trump , his three siblings and a cousin. In some years, the amounts distributed to each Trump sibling ballooned to …

Why hasn’t someone made a GoFundMe for Trump’s wall?
New York Post
Candidate Donald Trump vowed to build the wall on the Mexican border if elected, and has had only minimal success. The migrant caravans from …

Michael Cohen’s history with Donald Trump
CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger examines the relationship between President Donald Trump and his former personal attorney Michael …

Investigations undermine Trump presidency: ‘It weakens your friends and emboldens your enemies’
Washington Times
WASHINGTON — Investigations now entangle Donald Trump ‘s White House, campaign, transition, inauguration, charity and business. For Trump , the …

Trump says he will review the case of soldier charged with murder
(CNN) President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he will review the case of Army Major Matt Golsteyn, a Special Forces soldier and Afghanistan …

Giuliani indicates conversations with Trump on Trump Tower Moscow occurred later than …
(CNN) President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani suggested on Sunday that Trump had spoken with his former attorney Michael Cohen past …

Mueller Exposes Putin’s Hold Over Trump
It now turns out that Putin knew what the American people didn’t, namely that Donald Trump was throughout the 2016 presidential primary campaign …

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition
Continuing his recent media jihad on Twitter, President Donald Trump today attacked Saturday Night Live as a “Democrat spin machine” in his …

Mick Mulvaney Can’t Save Donald Trump From His Own Actions and Lies
The New Yorker
In addition to taking on the task of imposing some discipline on Trump , which virtually everyone agrees is impossible, he is inheriting a situation in …

Mulvaney Called Trump a ‘Terrible Human Being’ in 2016
New York Times
“Do I like Donald Trump ? No,” Mr. Mulvaney said in the video. He added that Mr. Trump was not a role model for his children, but that he was better …


Cohen on Trump
Washington – Shaken and facing a prison term, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer said Friday that Trump directed him to buy the …

Donald Trump tweets NBC, ‘SNL’
Fox News
President Donald Trump tweets NBC, ‘SNL; should be tested by courts. This comes after the shows Christmas parody sketch, which depicts a world …

Trump visits Arlington cemetery for holiday commemoration
President Donald Trump made an unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday for a holiday commemoration.

NDP Statement on Donald Trump deporting Vietnamese immigrants
Canada”s NDP
NDP Critic for Immigration, Jenny Kwan, NDP Critic for Foreign Affairs Hélène Laverdière and NDP MP from Salaberry—Suroît, Anne Minh-Thu Quach …