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‘The Favourite:’ What Role Does Joe Alwyn Play in the Movie?
The Cheat Sheet
That could be why Joe Alwyn and girlfriend Taylor Swift got together. Though he hasn’t been active professionally nearly as long as she has, …

The Price Is Right: Touring Sector Sees Growth by Finding What Fans Are Willing to Pay
The biggest mistake that StubHub made in recent memory was putting out a year-end list in 2015 saying Taylor Swift ‘s 1989 Tour was its No. 1 seller.

Grimes Defended Mitski Against Haters With A Taylor Swift Lyric
When a few disagreeable memes targeting Mitski began to surface on the internet, fans of all levels of notoriety—Grimes included—came to the …

Facial recognition technology at Taylor Swift concert sparks new surveillance debate
The widespread rollout of facial recognition technology is coming, whether we like it or not. In fact, Reports that Taylor Swift used a facial recognition …

Is Taylor Swift Still Dating Joe Alwyn? How Long the Couple Has Been Together
The Cheat Sheet
In case you missed it — and it wouldn’t be all that surprising if you did — Taylor Swift has found another romantic interest. But it looks like this one …

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition Review
You certainly couldn’t call this black and gold Taylor Swift edition understated, though. It’s covered in gold lettering and prominent Taylor Swift  …

Music from ‘A Star Is Born,’ ‘Black Panther’ makes shortlist for Oscar nods
ABC News
It’s looking more and more likely that Taylor Swift ‘ target=’_blank’>Lady Gaga will receive at least one Oscar nomination.

Taylor Swift Channels A ‘Zombie Hunter’ In Netflix Tour Poster: See The Art
You already know that Taylor Swift ‘s ‘reputation Stadium Tour’ is coming to Netflix on New Year’s Eve, but the official artwork for the upcoming TV …

Ed Sheeran Made More Money Touring in 2018 Than Any Other Artist, Including Beyoncé and …
He sold ‘4,860,482 tickets across 53 cities and 94 shows for an all-time record gross of $432 million.’ By comparison, Taylor Swift’s tour made $345.1 …

Taylor Swift Pregnant With Joe Alwyn’s Baby?
Gossip Cop
Exactly one year ago today, Gossip Cop busted a tabloid for wrongly speculating that Taylor Swift was pregnant with Joe Alwyn’s baby. It’s now 365 …

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亚太榜榜首之位仍然是属于尤长靖的!近日小尤新鲜“入职”新浪娱乐,担任“星小编”期间的表现也是可圈可点哦!欧美榜冠军位置属于 泰勒斯威夫特

2018 年国际科技大事盘点:《堡垒之夜》大热,共享滑板车引发混乱
泰勒 · 斯威夫特 的音乐又上榜首了,她的巡回演唱会门票几分钟就售光了,而且她有一群忠实粉丝,她们给自己取名叫“Swifties”。 泰勒 · 斯威夫特 一点没有大牌 …

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No bad blood: Taylor Swift’s bf Joe Alwyn wants to bend the knee
It looks like we won’t be jamming to the best break-up songs in the business any longer. Classic Tay-Tay break-up tunes will have to do as it looks like …

Is it just us, or does Miss Canada look exactly like Taylor Swift ?
The Loop (blog)
The 2018 Miss Universe competition took place on Sunday night and thankfully, the biggest news story to come out of this year’s event was not Steve …

How Old Is Taylor Swift , and How Many Albums Has She Released?
The Cheat Sheet
One of the most successful music artists of all time, Taylor Swift has managed to stay on top of the charts despite major evolutions in her music style.

Taylor Swift Has Rekindled Her Love Of Acting While Filming ‘Cats’
The Inquisitr
Taylor Swift is known for her catching songs, and juicy lyrics. However, she’s also appeared in films such as Valentine’s Day. Now that she’s returned …

Fans Think Miss Universe Canada Looks Uncannily Like Taylor Swift
Fans Think Miss Universe Canada Looks Uncannily Like Taylor Swift … am i the only one who thinks #MissCanada looks like Taylor Swift ?

…Ready For It? Taylor Swift Has Been Using Facial Recognition Technology At Her Concerts
Student Edge
Taylor Swift is not afraid of using facial recognition technology at her concert to stop troublemakers. When you attend a Taylor Swift concert, you expect …

Here Are 2018’s Top-Selling Tours: Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift Lead the Way
Paste Magazine
Pollstar has released its year-end global touring data for 2018, with Ed Sheeran (the Divide Tour), Taylor Swift (the Reputation tour), and Beyonce and …

Ohio man goes on destructive rampage trying to get Taylor Swift’s attention
RITTMAN, Ohio (WKYC) — A man has been arrested after he committed a series of incidents in an effort to gain Taylor Swift’s attention. According to …

Rittman man goes on destructive rampage, professes love for Taylor Swift
RITTMAN, Ohio — Police arrested a man Saturday after he committed a series of incidents in effort to gain pop star Taylor Swift’s attention. According …

Miss Universe: Fans Think Miss Canada Looks Just Like Taylor Swift & The Memes Are Amazing
Hollywood Life
Taylor Swift , is that you? Fans picked up on the uncanny resemblance between the singer and Miss Canada at the Miss Universe pageant, and as …

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《绿毛怪格林奇》由小黄人团队出品,故事细节打造颇为用心且独具创意,“神来之羊”的创意灵感来源于 泰勒 · 斯威夫特 歌声与山羊叫混剪的魔性音频,导演斯科 …

如果要盘点歌手里面最会做生意的人, 泰勒 · 斯威夫特 肯定会名列前几名。而她最近的一些事迹也越发证明了一个道理:妨碍霉霉赚钱,真的不是个好主意。

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Umbrella-sharing initiative launches in Pasir Ris, but it only takes one idiot to steal them all
Yahoo News
As the saying and the accompanying Taylor Swift lyrics goes: this is why we can’t have nice things. We’ll try to stay optimistic here about the longevity …

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Harry Styles
He dated Taylor Swift at one point. You can’t really say he got around when it came to dating women, but he certainly seemed to find one that was …

Chris Brown’s Daughter Flexes Her Dancing Abilities In Christmas Recital
Just curious 🤷 ♀ ‘ The song in this clip is some kind of Taylor Swift Christmas spinoff, which poses its own brand of awkwardness. Royalty seems …

Is New Jersey a Grinch?
New Jersey Herald
… said New Jersey’s favorite Christmas song is Wham’s ‘Last Christmas,’ but then has the audacity to offer up on its website the version by Taylor Swift  …

Hailee Steinfeld & Niall Horan Reportedly Broke Up While You Weren’t Paying Attention
Maybe Steinfeld will take a page out of the Taylor Swift & Ariana Grande handbooks and write a song about the breakup. Until then, I’ll be over here …

Kendrick Lamar & Drake top Grammy 2019 nominations
Philippine Star
What I am really surprised about is that Taylor Swift’s album reputation was nominated in only one category Best Pop Vocal Album. Well, times indeed …

What is Katy Perry’s Net Worth, and is the ‘American Idol’ Judge Married?
The Cheat Sheet
If you’ve been anywhere near a TV lately, you probably know who Katy Perry is. She had a long-running feud with Taylor Swift , performed one of the …

Glantz: Soul saved by St. Ed Sheeran
The Times Herald
As soon as Thanksgiving was in the books, Sofia tucked away her Taylor Swift CDs into an alphabetically organized CD wallet and “requested” …

NFL analyst destroyed after saying Taylor Swift songs better than Prince
Rolling Out
NFL-player-turned-analyst Ross Tucker is trying to dig himself out from being buried where he stood after having the audacity to say Taylor Swift’s  …

Taylor Swift reportedly used facial recognition at her concert to try to ID stalkers
Taylor Swift reportedly used facial recognition at her concert to try to ID stalkers … Taylor Swift and her security team reportedly used facial recognition …


Netflix to stream Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour
Netflix all but ensured Taylor Swift fans will Netflix-and-chill this New Year’s Eve because the streaming giant will debut her massive Reputation …