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Google Camera port with Night Sight hits several Huawei smartphones
Android Authority
We’ve also seen a few ports released for Huawei’s phones this year, but what if you wanted Google’s Night Sight mode? Well, you were out of luck, …

Huawei Blasts US Fear-Mongering as Security Concerns Sharpen
Huawei Technologies Co.’s rotating chairman, speaking publicly for the first time since the shock arrest of its chief financial officer, warned that …

Huawei calls on US, others to show proof of security risk
Washington Post
DONGGUAN, China — The chairman of Huawei called on the United States, Australia and other governments on Tuesday to provide evidence to back …

Huawei lands more than 25 contracts for 5G, forecasts revenue to exceed US$100 billion
South China Morning Post
Huawei Technologies, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment supplier, said it has secured more than 25 commercial contracts for 5G and …

Huawei to spend $2 billion over 5 years in cybersecurity push
Yahoo Finance
By Sijia Jiang. HONG KONG (Reuters) – Huawei Technologies [HWT.UL] on Tuesday said it would spend $2 billion (1.58 billion pounds) over the next …

A timid Huawei has emerged amid its global PR storm to see what’s left for it to salvage
Business Insider
After watching China’s vision of a global digital future with Huawei at its heart get torn down piece by piece over the last few months, the tech giant’s …

Huawei calls on US, others to show proof of security risk
DONGGUAN, China (AP) – The chairman of Huawei called on the United States, Australia and other governments on Tuesday to provide evidence to …

Forget 3 being a crowd, 4 is the magic number on the Huawei P30 Pro
Digital Trends
The replacement to Huawei’s successful P20 and P20 Pro will likely come during the first few months of 2018, and rumors about the device’s new …

Huawei’s CEO Finally Speaks Out: “We Are Facing Some Challenges”
Huawei Technology CEO Ken Hu opened a rare meeting with foreign journalists Tuesday afternoon with an understatement: “This year has been so …

Huawei still has a shot at the world’s hottest mobile market
New Delhi (CNN Business) Huawei has been shut out of some major 5G markets because of security concerns. But it may still have a shot in India.


Huawei rejects Western security fears, says ‘no evidence’
Huawei defended its global ambitions and network security on Tuesday in the face of Western fears that the Chinese telecom giant could serve as a …

Huawei defends global ambitions amid security fears
Huawei has defended its global ambitions and network security in the face of Western fears that the Chinese telecom giant could serve as a Trojan …

COAI defends Huawei , says it is no threat to national security
In a twist to the controversy over India’s national security and the Chinese giant Huawei Technologies, the Cellular Operators Association of India …

华为 – 2018-12-19 – 每日易讯


一景区称持 华为 手机免门票惹争议:营销or歧视?
12月17日,一则由神农山景区所发的持 华为 手机免费入园的公告引发广泛关注。有不少网友认为,这是正常的营销策划,无可厚非,但也有不少网友、业内 …

神农助 华为 惹非议区别对待就是歧视吗
多维新闻网 (博客)
这一消息对绝大多数有 华为 手机、或者即将要买 华为 手机的游客来讲,无疑算是一个喜讯,但另一部分民众就很不乐意了,他们扬言要用“以后都不去神农山” …

华为 手机不安全捷克总理令政府部门禁用
大纪元 (新闻发布)
【大纪元2018年12月19日讯】(大纪元记者吴英综合报导)继捷克电信监管部门警告使用 华为 、中兴的设备有安全风险后,该国总理周二下令其政府办公室停止 …

大纪元 (新闻发布)
华为 首席财务官孟晚舟因涉嫌欺诈,误导多家银行,利用香港星通( Skycom)公司与伊朗交易,本月初在加拿大被捕。孟试图撇清华为与星通的关系,但一 …

焦点: 华为 未来五年将投资20亿美元强化网络安全
路透香港12月18日- 中国科技巨头 华为 周二表示,将在未来五年内投入20亿美元加强网络安全,在这方面增加更多人员和升级实验室设施。目前该公司在 …

突破封杀! 华为 干了一件大事——
参考消息网12月19日报道台媒称,近期,在美国主导下西方国家正在防堵 华为 5G技术。面对这股围堵浪潮, 华为 步步为营,进行突围。 据台湾《旺报》12月18 …

(更正) 华为 宣布5G网络订单略有增加基站出货量超过1万
更正:因英文原文有误,内文第二段改为“东莞园区”,非“深圳总部”). 路透香港12月8日- 中国科技巨头 华为 周二称,已获得逾25份第五代移动通讯(5G)商业 …

华为 呼吁美国等国家拿出其技术存在安全风险的证据
华为 轮值首席执行官胡厚崑12月18日呼吁美国、澳大利亚和其他国家的政府提出证据,来支持“ 华为 产品构成安全风险”的指称。 胡厚崑的话被视为是 华为  …

华为 在美国等国家禁用中继续扩张
华为 星期二(12月18日)表示,已经为下一代移动互联网5G签署了25份商业合同。此前, 华为 称已签署22份商业合同。 华为 副董事长兼轮值CEO胡厚崑18日 …

华为 宣布已获25份5G商业合同营收将突破1000亿美元
新浪美股讯北京时间18日消息, 华为 技术有限公司周二宣布,已获得了超过25份5G商业合同,在5G商业合同方面处于全球领先地位,并已出货了逾1万个5G …


华为 宣布获得超过25 份5G 商业合同,出货逾1 万个5G 基站
据新浪财经报道, 华为 技术有限公司周二宣布,已获得超过25 份5G 商业合同,并已出货逾1 万个5G 基站。 华为 副董事长兼轮值CEO 胡厚崑在深圳总部的 …

华为 计划未来5 年投入20 亿美元加强网络安全
据路透社报道,中国科技巨头 华为 周二在它的东莞办事处召开了新闻发布会。 华为 表示,将在未来5 年内投入20 亿美元加强网络安全,增加相关人员和升级 …

媒体称 华为 已获得25份5G商业合同为全球最大供应商
摘要: 据路透社12月18日消息, 华为 今日表示,已经获得25份5G商业合同,成为全球最大5G 供应商。同时,印度也已经准许 华为 参与该国的5G测试。

Huawei – 2018-12-18 – Easy News


Huawei , a global headache, enters 5G trials in India
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Amid concerns in the western world about operations of Chinese telecom giant Huawei , the company has been allowed by India to …

Huawei Continues ‘Hole-Punch’ Smartphone Trend With New Nova 4
Mac Rumors
This seems like the worst of both worlds; it’s asymmetrical vertically and horizontally without the hardware to make 3D face scanning a security feature …

Huawei Mate 20 X review
Huawei has been the pioneers in making smartphones as big as a tablet, coining the term phablet. Before this, the Huawei Mate 10 was at 5.9”, which …

China’s Huawei claims 5G dominance despite security concerns
Financial Times
Huawei has claimed to be leading the world in commercial 5G contracts, as the Chinese company pushes back against rising international fears over …

T-Mobile & Sprint hope Huawei pledge will gain merger approval
T-Mobile USA and Sprint hope that pledges by their parent companies to stop using Huawei’s telecommunications equipment in their other mobile …

Czech cyber watchdog calls Huawei , ZTE products a security threat
Huawei , the world’s biggest producer of telecoms equipment, faces intense scrutiny in the West over its ties to the Chinese government and concerns …

Czech cyber security agency warns against use of Huawei
Seattle Times
PRAGUE (AP) — The Czech Republic’s cyber security watchdog is warning against the use of products by Chinese electronics giant Huawei and …

Canada caught in the middle of US-China spat over Huawei executive
Ottawa (CNN) The Chinese government is pushing Canada to release Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei chief financial officer detained for violating US …

Huawei’s Nova 4 suggests 2019 is the year of the hole-punch display
In the wake of Samsung’s A8s, Huawei is the latest smartphone maker to announce an all-screen handset with a circular cutout for the camera.

The Huawei fallout leaves companies and countries with an impossible choice
Washington Post
Whatever the final outcome of the criminal case against Meng Wanzhou, Huawei Technology’s chief financial officer, her arrest seems sure to force …


US-China Relations: From Huawei to Trade Wars
Wilson Center
In the latest episode of Wilson Center NOW, Kissinger Institute Director Robert Daly discusses the Huawei “hostage” situation, the 90-day trade-war …

Huawei gets DoT call to hold 5G trials
‘The recent incident in the US has no bearing in India.’ ‘We are not aware of any request from the US to India about 5G.’ | Huawei gets DoT call to hold …

Huawei consolidates its position as iconic global tech brand
Leading the innovation space in the smartphone industry, Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) is ranked the 6th biggest spender in R&D …

Software and hardware of Huawei and ZTE is a security threat
National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA) has issued a WARNING against the use of both software and hardware of Huawei  …

华为 – 2018-12-18 – 每日易讯


华为 成为中美贸易战的最大牺牲品任正非指出根本原因
任正非曾在一篇公司内部谈话中提到, 华为 还太年轻,在发展过程中没有经历过挫折。因此在挫折来临的时候, 华为 不知道如何走向正确道路。这是 华为 最大 …

找百度、 华为 、阿里寻求接盘,罗永浩力挽锤子科技负债危局
据第一财经记者独家获悉,罗永浩已先后接触过百度、 华为 、阿里等方面,寻求接盘,但与前两者均未谈妥,与阿里方面也就价格方面陷入僵局。 此前,业内曾 …

社评:打压 华为 是当代最大的科技冤案
这个世界正在发生一场前所未有的科技冤案,它是美国动员其盟友国家试图对中国高科技公司 华为 实施“绞杀”。 美国不仅自己排斥 华为 从电信设备到手机的 …

华为 :今年全球手机出货量将超2亿台
新京报讯(记者马婧)12月17日, 华为 消费者业务手机产品线总裁何刚在 华为 nova 4发布会上透露,12月25日 华为 手机今年全球发货量将超2亿台。今年7月, …

担心安全风险捷克吁勿使用 华为 中兴设备
大纪元 (新闻发布)
【大纪元2018年12月18日讯】(大纪元记者吴英编译报导)周一(12月17日),捷克网络监管机构警告, 华为 和中兴通讯制造的软件或硬件具有安全威胁,敦促 …

华为 被孤立前公关披露一问题症结
大纪元 (新闻发布)
【大纪元2018年12月17日讯】(大纪元记者吴英编译报导)美国及其盟国今年特别关注 华为 引发的国家安全风险,知情人士透露, 华为 近期解雇公关人员,改聘 …

华为 曾以天价年薪抢夺三星人才
大纪元 (新闻发布)
华为 孟晚舟被捕事件将 华为 推到了世界的风口浪尖上。 华为 以不道德的方式,重金利诱三星半导体人才,疯狂掠夺技术的话题,再次被媒体聚焦。(Justin …

忧国家安全印度电信业提议禁进口 华为 设备
大纪元 (新闻发布)
他补充说, 华为 电信(的语音和电话)设备可以从印度以外的地方被远程操控,这些设备已经被许多PSU(公共部门承诺)在印度部署,甚至部署在印度东北两 …

印度电信部门提议禁止进口 华为 设备
印度电信业主管部门“印度设备与服务出口促进委员会”计划致信印度国家安全顾问,要求政府基于国家安全考虑禁止进口 华为 等中国公司生产的电信设备。

华为 的国家安全风险:西方和盟国联合布防
BBC News 中文
五眼”国家的情报部门负责人今年曾两次对加拿大总理特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)提及中国高科技巨头 华为 公司构成的国家安全风险。加拿大媒体报道说,特鲁 …


澳人仍最爱iPhone 华为 手机增长最快
澳大利亚人报- The Australian
然而,令人惊讶的结果是,拥有 华为 手机的14岁及以上的澳大利亚人在短短12个月内增长了87%,现在有47.1万名澳大利亚人拥有这家中国科技公司的手机 …

景区对 华为 手机用户免票
今日热点- 中华网
近日,河南沁阳神农山风景区出台新政策,从12 月16 日到年底,景区对 华为 手机用户免门票。有人质疑,神农山景区这是在蹭 华为 的热点,尤其公告中“用 …

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T-Mobile said to near US national security nod for Sprint deal despite Huawei concerns
South China Morning Post
Deutsche Telekom indicated Thursday it may drop Huawei from its list of network suppliers, saying it’s re-evaluating its purchasing strategy amid …

Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, and Mate 20 X now support Netflix in HD/HDR
XDA Developers (blog)
On the other hand, the Huawei Mate 20 series does support Widevine L1, and so Netflix has certified these devices to be able to play Netflix in HD, …

Chinese may avoid Canadian property amid Huawei spat
Global Times
Canada’s detention of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou has caused a diplomatic spat between the two countries. The tensions could empty key property …

German cyber watchdog says no evidence that Huawei spies
Germany’s cyber security authority says claims that Huawei is spying on customers are not backed up by evidence and has urged caution before …

Huawei announces Nova 4 with hole-punch display and 48-megapixel camera
The Verge
Huawei has announced the Nova 4 smartphone after weeks of teasing its most standout feature: the circular “hole-punch” cut-out for the 25-megapixel …

This PowerPoint presentation proves Huawei CFO Sabrina Meng Wanzhou is guilty, says US …
South China Morning Post
In August 2013, Huawei CFO Sabrina Meng Wanzhou faced a HSBC banker and did something countless other executives have done before – she …

Huawei Enjoy 9
Huawei Enjoy 9 smartphone was launched in December 2018. The phone comes with a 6.26-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 pixels …

‘Five Eyes’ Spy Chiefs Agreed to Contain Huawei’s Global Reach at Meeting in July: Report
Five Eyes members have long had differing levels of concern over Huawei and other Chinese equipment makers. They have also differed sharply in …

Huawei Watch GT review: When hardware and software don’t mesh
Ars Technica
So what do the Huawei Watch GT and LiteOS have to offer? Essentially, the device is a simplified smartwatch that has all the hardware bells and …

Executive’s arrest, security worries hobble Huawei’s global 5G ambitions
The Japan Times
Huawei is no ordinary electronics supplier. The company founded in 1987 by a former military engineer is China’s first global tech brand and a …


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How does the Guyana government guarantee Huawei is not spying or will use its equipment for …
This fear has driven many of the international headlines that have featured Huawei in the last few days. One of its executives had recently been …

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