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CYBER Podcast: The Security Advice You Should Give Your Friends and Family This Holiday
… of people will get new phones, computers, Amazon Echos, Google Homes, smart coffee makers, and other devices from the internet of things .

The 10 Biggest IoT News Stories Of 2018
You can thank Russian hackers, California lawmakers and M&A deal brokers for some of the biggest Internet of Things news stories that happened in …

Smart Cities of the Future
A smart city uses the internet of things ( IoT ), data, and technology to streamline services to make a city more connected, efficient, manageable, and …

Global Internet of Things Sensors Market 2018 – Bosch, Honeywell, NXP, Infineon, Analog Devices …
Ask a Reporter
The Global Internet of Things Sensors Market covers main factors responsible for the development like industry trends and dynamics, changing supply …

Global Internet Of Things ( IoT ) Market Anticipated To Grow At A CAGR Of 21% To 2026
The Business Hours (blog)
The Global Internet Of Things ( IoT ) Market is estimated to be US$ 847.0 Bn in 2016 and is projected to reach at a CAGR of 21% from 2016 to 2026.

Automotive Internet of Things Market to Incur Meteoric Growth During 2018-2026
Coherent News (press release) (blog)
Automotive Internet of Things Market Report 2018 look into the study is an exceptionally tenacious examination on aggressive scene investigation, …

Qualcomm Introduces Next-Gen Cellular Chipset Purpose-Built for IoT
The new Qualcomm® 9205 LTE modem is unique in bringing together key innovations required to build cellular-enabled IoT products and services in …

Open 19 is a plan for a data center at the edge
Stacey on IoT
OK y’all, it’s time to get excited about servers. Before I lived for the internet of things , I lived for hyperscale data centers and server news. Today — after …

Global Automotive Internet of Things Market Extensive Study of Future Value Chain on Trends …
Digital Journal
The global Automotive Internet of Things market research study has been composed using key inputs from industry experts. Furthermore, the …

Opinion: From the Jetsons to the Internet of Things
Montreal Gazette
IoT proliferation is increasing the networking capabilities of devices in our homes, offices, vehicles, factories and supply chains. But this explosion of …


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物联网 – 2018-12-18 – 每日易讯


双方将在以云计算为代表的DICT、网络智能化重构、5G、IP数据通信与数字化创新、手机及 物联网 芯片与终端业务、大容量SIM卡产品、存储等多个领域开展 …

GE宣布成立新的工业 物联网 软件业务公司初步收入达12亿美元专注市场导向产品
近日,通用电气(GE)宣布建立新的工业 物联网 (或者称为IIoT)软件业务公司,合并之前的软件和咨询服务GE Digital,以及其他GE数字业务,成为一个新 …

二是,联网设备数量激增及入口碎片化,让安全威胁变得无处不在。 …. 政府机构与CDN厂商合作,正是看到了 物联网 多设备环境下的云安全防护发展趋势, …

创投大佬齐谈科技赋能产业新风口特斯联力造人工智能 物联网 全能冠军
人工智能 物联网 如何改变我们的生活?楼门有没有关好,物业服务早知道;高峰时段车位紧张,保安手机会提醒;独居老人少出门,居委会里有预警……这些 …

全世界都在谈5G 和家电又有什么关系呢?
在人工智能大热的背景下,万物互联是 物联网 的终极目标,但是现阶段我们所谓的 联网 仍然处于一个比较初级的阶段,原因之一就是网络带宽和响应速度 …

深圳技术大学获批设立设 物联网 工程等6个专业
学校本科专业设置按照国家有关规定办理,首批设置机械设计制造及其自动化、 联网 工程、交通运输、汽车服务工程、光源与照明、工业设计6个本科专业。

物联网 应用与数字海南建设2018南渡江高峰会海口召开
本报12月17日讯(记者周雪君)“如果你想走得快,你就一个人走,如果你想走得远,那就大家一起抱团取暖。”12月16日上午, 物联网 应用与数字海南 …

高通推出下一代 物联网 专用蜂窝技术芯片组
新浪科技讯北京时间12月18日上午消息,高通公司推出了9205 LTE调制解调器,这是一款专为对低功耗和广域网(LPWAN)有特殊要求的 物联网 应用设计的 …

一个神奇的 物联网 平台科学家让蜜蜂变身无人机
研究人员们提到,这套所谓“鲜活 物联网 平台”的潜在应用可能包括在智能农业体系内衡量植物的健康水平。举例来说,湿度传感器有助于实现精确灌溉,温度 …

利尔达:深耕 物联网 嵌入式技术打造产业链一站式服务
2018年我国 物联网 产业规模达到1.36万亿元,同比增长22%,预计2020年将达到2万亿元,广泛应用于智能工业、智能安防、特种装备、智慧城市、智能家居 …

Internet of things – 2018-12-17 – Easy News


Arthur D. Little Report Outlines €200 Billion Digital Transformation Opportunity for Telecoms Sector
Associated Press (press release)
CAPEX spending on areas such as 5G infrastructure and the Internet of Things is expected to require a 7% CAGR increase from 2017-2022, …

Internet of Things 24-Hour Trading Volume Tops $419.00 (CRYPTO:XOT)
Internet of Things (CURRENCY:XOT) traded up 5.7% against the U.S. dollar during the 1 day period ending at 6:00 AM Eastern on November 23rd.

Making Smarter Homes and Comfortable lives – Real Estate and Advanced Technology
Thanks to Virtual viewing, Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things , the home automation system has revolutionized in the recent past. Ideas that …

What is 5G? Everything you need to know about the new wireless revolution
Muscat Daily
5G is touted as being able to enable self-driving cars and the internet of things , but greater reliance on communications networks also poses risks 5G …

IIT Bhubaneswar’s solution wins first IoT innovation challenge
Business Standard
An Internet of Things ( IoT )-based solution from IIT Bhubaneswar that can store, track and analyse data related to consumers’ LPG consumption has …

The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things ( IoT ) in Digital …
Thanks to IoT , organizations will be more equipped and intelligent in tapping critical points in their supply chain and service delivery as well as …

GE rolls out its induatrial IoT platlform Predix out into separate company
Network World
GE has spun off its industrial internet of things platform into a separate company while making other changes including selling off its interest in …

Integration wizards: Internet of Things for industrial automation
Financial Express
By Srinath Srinivasan. Started as an enterprise level mobility platform, Integration Wizards has evolved into an industrial Internet of Things ( IoT ) …

Why BlackBerry should change its name
BlackBerry is about the Internet of Things , its QNX platform for autos, and … The name more applies to its enterprise of things strategy and leaves the …

These Jaw-Dropping Facts Will Change Your Mind About the Internet of Things
Motley Fool
The Internet of Things ( IoT ) is a general term for many of the devices that connect to the Internet that weren’t connected before. Wearable devices like …

物联网 – 2018-12-17 – 每日易讯


中国移动召开2019年工作会: 物联网 连接数净增2.9亿
[导读]尚冰表示,在全面实施“大连接”战略的三年里,中国移动的企业价值实现新发展,转型能力得到新提升,运营机制取得新突破,履行责任作出新贡献,为 …

艺猫网全域新零售平台上线,助力建设文化 物联网
艺猫网主要以消费者为全程关注点,并运用高科技 物联网 与互联网技术,打通线上线下,实现全链路、全媒体、全数据、全渠道的万物互联一体化运营的全新 …

网络安全和 物联网 :生物识别技术的时代到了
物联网 让我们每天都可以将重要又普通的事务委托给连网设备,让我们可以自由地专注生活中更复杂和更有趣的事情。如果您的冰箱可以自动购牛奶(如果它 …

城口:气象 物联网 为扶贫产业避免经济损失30万
邓信山满面笑容,爽快地回答:“你们不知道,9月下旬的时候,气象 物联网 可帮我避免了近30万元的经济损失呢!”听到30万元的数字,大家都来了兴致,催促 …

G7创始人翟学魂:用 物联网 改变最基础的工业设备| 2018 T-EDGE
然后给大家看一下今天的G7的 物联网 平台,大家现在看到的是实时的真实的数据,从这张图上几乎可以看到中国物流的脉络,这些车此时此刻跑了七千多 …

全球消费 物联网 (CIoT)市场规模报告
据了解,消费 物联网 (CIoT) 是消费应用类中的 物联网 ,是我们平常最常接触到的程序、用例和设备集合的统称。CIoT应用通常围绕用户智能手机或其他移动 …

腾讯云推“一云两端”模式助力 物联网 大规模应用
e公司讯,15日腾讯云推出 物联网 通讯产品,以“一云两端”模式,打通 物联网 全生态链路。据介绍,“一云两端”模式为 物联网 的大规模应用奠定了基础。

江苏银行 物联网 金融赋能小微民营企业
据了解,江苏银行全线上 物联网 动产质押业务实现了“物流、信息流、资金流” … 另一方面解决金融业信息不对称高风险的痛点,银行可通过 物联网 实时获取 …

万物互联将至!BAT激战云端,以此抢夺 物联网 赛道
导读: 互联网已成过去,取而代之的是 物联网 ,如今, 物联网 带来的信息科技席卷全球,作为未来发展重要方向,承载了世界梦想,被视作全球经济增长新 …

15家单位联手打造海南 物联网 应用创新基地
项目以海南大学所在地海口市海甸岛为目标区域,15家单位共同打造全球 物联网 应用首发展示地、 物联网 产业聚集区、智慧城市样板区、智慧生活体验区、离 …


G7创始人翟学魂:用 物联网 改变最基础的工业设备
过去一年多以来,G7累计融资超过5亿美元,已成为全球 物联网 领域最具价值的科技公司之一,这就是时间给予翟学魂坚守的最好奖赏。

Internet of things – 2018-12-16 – Easy News


Black & Veatch works to decode 5G technology, uses
Kansas City Business Journal
… and smart city applications; and Massive Machine Type Communications, which will power the increasing numbers of internet-of-things applications.

Limelights and Career Paths
Youngstown Vindicator
“They are all entrepreneurial and subject matter experts in the energy and Internet of Things fields, with an abundance of leadership experience …

Oppo plans to hire 500 engineers for R&D centre
Economic Times
It will not just focus on handsets but will also contribute significantly towards items such as smartwatch and Internet of Things ( IoT ) products that the …

Today Dec 15 Global X Internet of Things ETF (SNSR) Decreases 1.99%
The EN Bulletin
Global X Internet of Things ETF (NASDAQ:SNSR) has negative Dec 15 day. The ETF reached $16.75 per share after 1.99% change. It has 82.98 …

Intel Partners With JD.Com to Boost Its Smart Retail Presence in China
Motley Fool
Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) and (NASDAQ:JD) are launching a new ‘lab’ for developing new Internet of Things ( IoT ) technologies for smart retail …

5G: A costly revolution not without risks
The Japan Times
The much vaunted internet of things has so far been hobbled by the limitations of mobile networks, both in terms of handset transmission speeds and …

Better IoT Buy: Arista Networks vs. Sierra Wireless
Motley Fool
Arista Networks (NYSE:ANET) and Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR) both offer investors unique ways to profit from the growth of the Internet of Things  …

Narrowband Internet of Things ( IoT ) chipset Market Narrowband Internet of Things ( IoT ) chipset …
Coherent Chronicle (press release) (blog)
Narrowband Internet of Things ( IoT ) chipset Market Survival Strategies explore Economic Impact in International Industries Manufactures, Growth, Size …

5G: a revolution not without risks
5G is touted as being able to enable self-driving cars and the internet of things , but greater reliance on communications networks also poses risks.

Enterprise Technology Expo Brings Innovation to Santa Clara
The Silicon Valley Voice
The 2018 Internet of Things ( IoT ) Tech Expo for North America, hosted at the Santa Clara Convention Center from Nov. 28 to 29, highlighted emerging …


What’s the impact of the Internet of Things on digital contents?
Consumer Classroom
Sometimes regulations describe interesting scenarios about the way we deal with economy, society and technology.