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Uber rides in New York City are getting more expensive
Jakarta Post
Uber’s prices in New York — its largest market in the U.S. — are going to be higher in 2019. So are Lyft’s. Any ride-hailing vehicles carrying …

Uber , Crime Stoppers team up in Jacksonville
Florida Politics (blog)
Jacksonville streets are poised to be safer soon, given a partnership between rideshare giant Uber and First Coast Crime Stoppers to encourage …

Uber partners with Crime Stoppers in Indianapolis
WRTV Indianapolis
INDIANAPOLIS — Uber and Crime Stoppers International have started a new partnership that aims to report potential criminal activity in communities.

Top App Downloads Of 2018: Facebook Wins Social, Uber Wins Food, Wish Wins Shopping, And …
Uber is tops in more than one category, Facebook absolutely destroys the social competition, and Wish got more app downloads than e-commerce …

Ola, Uber’s India rival, invests $100M in scooter rental startup Vogo
We’re familiar with Uber cozying up to scooter startups — it has bought one and invested in another — but over in India, the U.S. firm’s key rival is …

New Front in the Labor War Between Uber and Its Drivers
The Regulatory Review
By connecting more independent entrepreneurs with customers than ever before, Internet-based applications like Uber have helped the “gig …

Better Business Bureau warns of Uber ‘vomit fraud’
FOX 29 News Philadelphia
PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) – The Better Business Bureau is warning the public of Uber ‘vomit fraud’ after customers reported being charged a ‘damage …

The Dark Realities Women Face Driving for Uber and Lyft
Late one night in June, Jody Pagliocco was driving down a long, wooded road in southern Maine. She was working for Uber , and her passenger, …

Uber’s new Jump e-bikes are easier to charge and harder to vandalize
The Verge
Jump, the bike and scooter rental company owned by Uber , is getting a facelift. On Tuesday, the bike-share company unveiled the next generation of …

Could Uber fee pay for mass transit in Georgia?
MyAJC (blog)
As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported, Uber is in a high-stakes dispute with the Georgia Department of Transportation, which says the …


Uber to introduce bike service to UK
Uber is preparing for the arrival of its electric-assisted bike-hiring service in the UK and Ireland, according to a job listing on the company’s website.

No Uber or Airbnb in South Korea – Red tape, risk-aversion hobble start-ups
Yahoo Finance
When Choi Ba-da pitched his car-sharing firm Luxi to Hyundai Motor officials in 2017, he told them there would be no future for South Korea’s top …

(Car-Accessible) Destinations
Two New York destinations are at the top of the list — the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center (listed on Uber by its former name, …

优步 – 2018-12-19 – 每日易讯


相比之下,无论是新加坡、越南都已在半年内对 优步 (Uber)与东南亚网约车服务企业Grab今年在东南亚市场的整合做出禁止实施并购的审查决定。

但袁明却不是最早“吃螃蟹”的司机。在他决心“拥抱”新事物之前,先找朋友借车体验了一把,2014年进入中国市场的 优步 成了他“试水”的对象。随后,滴滴合并了 …

目前, 优步 、Alphabet、苹果、福特、通用、Waymo、宝马及大众都在研发自动驾驶技术。并且越来越多的汽车制造商和互联网公司也加入其中。(文:太平洋 …

相较于纯网络平台比如滴滴和 优步 ,传统车企最直接也是最可见的优势,就是在车辆采购和养护的成本方面。这一点也是上汽集团提及的,“享道出行”拥有 …

但到目前为止, 优步 、谷歌,甚至可以说特斯拉,这些追求技术的大公司的文化已经直接 … 优步 的自动驾驶汽车部门可能不仅不计后果,而且完全玩忽职守。

[例题] 优步 、滴滴打车深入人们生活,也给出租车行业带来了冲击,甚至有些地方出现了出租车司机集体罢工的现象,对此你有什么看法,并提出建议。

为什么谷歌、阿里巴巴、 优步 能成功?它们的商业影响力来自哪里? 它们都有一个共同点——精准。 虽然精准二字已被滥用,但它抓住了未来商业的本质。

在这个行业中,保持低成本的客户获取是将增长快速规模化的关键,但是, 优步 却习惯花费巨额资金来获取司机和激励用户。尽管大多数软件公司都强调用户 …

星巴克联手 优步 在美推出咖啡外卖
星巴克将联手 优步 ,为其美国2000家门店提供咖啡外卖服务。在面对长期盈利增长预期不断下滑的情况下,星巴克正在美国国内市场努力寻求新的销售源。

优步 等创业公司考虑IPO上市总估值或将达2000亿美元
美国CNBC报道, 优步 、Lyft、Palantir、Airbnb和Slack都正在考虑IPO上市,这些公司的估值之和可能会超过2000亿美元,而其中 优步 将会占据大部分份额: …

Uber – 2018-12-18 – Easy News


Uber Drivers Earn Less Than $10 Per Hour with Expenses, Survey Says
Small Business Trends
How much do Uber drivers make? The answer to that question has become a mystery even the brains at MIT weren’t able to quite figure out. But there …

Man with service dog says Uber drivers repeatedly deny him rides
WASHINGTON – Ryan Honick uses a service dog name Pico to help make daily tasks easier for him, yet because of Pico, Uber drivers have gone to …

Santa was forced to take an Uber to his fundraiser event. His car was stolen in Fresno
FRESNO, California – A Fresno man who dresses as Santa to raise money for a Central Valley cat rescue had his car stolen the night before the event.

Passed-out woman driven by Uber to police station
Hamilton Journal News
An Uber driver drove to the police department to report a woman had passed out in the back seat of his vehicle at 2:39 a.m. Dec. 7. He said he was …

Uber’s bike and scooter company appears to be expanding around the world ahead of its IPO
Business Insider
Jump, the bike and scooter rental company owned by Uber , appears to be preparing to launch throughout Europe, as well as in more US cities, …

Starbucks teams with Uber Eats for delivery from 2000 of its US stores
Digital Trends
Desperate for a Starbucks iced white chocolate mocha but can’t make it to the store? Well, starting early next year, there’s a chance Uber Eats could …

Uber warned over safety issues with its self-driving cars days before cyclist killed
The back-up driver in the Uber vehicle, Rafaela Vasquez, was reported to have been watching an episode of The Voice on her phone. According to …

NYC Uber Rides Are Getting More Expensive
Uber says a freeze on new licenses has already been putting upward pressure on prices, as will a minimum wage rule for ride-hailing drivers slated to …

Uber welcomes, unions criticise UK plan to maintain flexible gig economy
Economic Times
Uber Technologies Inc welcomed on Monday the British government’s response to a review into workplace rights, which looks set to preserve the …

World’s most popular attractions, according to Uber
So which attractions are Uber’s customers heading to? The app has just released its year-in-review, which includes a list of the most popular …


Mit Hund, Katze oder Frettchen über die Grenze
Address – Bytix

优步 – 2018-12-18 – 每日易讯


今年11月,国家市场监管总局披露,针对滴滴出行收购 优步 中国一事,市场监管总局正依据反垄断法及有关规定进行调查。此前,滴滴出行宣布合并 优步  …

… 枪对着Waymo测试车的人,目的就是吓唬司机,” ,“Haselton表示,他鄙视和憎恨Waymo自动驾驶汽车,并提到了 优步 自动驾驶汽车曾撞死路人的事件。”.

13日大约下午1时许,吴爱德华乘坐 优步 或Lyft去南加大洛杉矶县医疗中心( LAC-USC Medical Center)就医,此后便杳无音信。14日凌晨3时,南巴沙迪那 …

在他决心“拥抱”新事物之前,先找朋友借车体验了一把,2014年进入中国市场的 优步 成了他“试水”的对象。随后,滴滴合并了与之胶着了将近两年的竞争 …

星巴克联手 优步 在美推出咖啡外卖
纽约时报星巴克将联手 优步 ,为其美国2000家门店提供咖啡外卖服务。在面对长期盈利增长预期不断下滑的情况下,星巴克正在美国国内市场努力寻求新的 …


星巴克联手 优步 在美推出咖啡外卖
经济频道- 央视网
星巴克将联手 优步 ,为其美国2000家门店提供咖啡外卖服务。在面对长期盈利增长预期不断下滑的情况下,星巴克正在美国国内市场努力寻求新的销售源。

Uber – 2018-12-17 – Easy News


Daniel Milos used Uber Eats to deliver cocaine disguised as food: court
Courier Mail
A HIGH-flying Brisbane restaurateur-turned-alleged cocaine kingpin supplied coke from his restaurant by using menu codewords and Uber Eats bags, …

Uber’s main rival in Europe has to drop the word ‘taxi’ from its name to pave the way for a UK …
Business Insider
Uber’s main rival in Europe, Taxify, has rebranded to Hopp in a bid to appease London’s transport regulator and win back its operating licence in the …

New York City, Toronto attractions most popular among Uber users in 2018
CTV News
After the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center (listed as Freedom Tower on Uber ) in New York and the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada round …

California Cannabis Company Caliva Is Poaching Über Drivers And Executives
Car service drivers employed by Über and Lyft in particular, are stretched this during the holiday season. Ferrying tourists, and those who are …

Uber drivers beg passengers full of the festive spirit to put the brakes on backseat karaoke …
Daily Mail
According to a survey of 2,000 Uber users in the UK, a third admit to behaving badly over the Christmas season and nearly a fifth admitted to singing …

Uber eyeing UK launch for e-bikes as it plans to hire London-based team
A job advert posted on Uber’s website calls for a general manager for “operations and launch”, to lead a new team in London. Uber is seeking to …

‘I did NOT throw up in the back of an Uber but they still charged me £80′
Liverpool Echo
She said she used the Uber to move her television and had a pleasant chat with the driver – so was shocked to then be accused of vomiting all over …

At just 21, Iddris Sandu is the tech genius behind Uber , Instagram and Snapchat
Face2Face Africa
When Iddris Sandu was in high school, he developed a mobile software that would later gain the attention of former U.S. president Barack Obama and …

Uber , Lyft, China and more — top tech investment bankers share their biggest hopes and fears for …
Business Insider
With a long list of marquee names like Uber and Lyft, IPOs in 2019 could set new records in terms of valuation and exits for Silicon Valley venture …

Uber aims to shed troubled past in pre-IPO peace-making bonanza
The Star Online
SAN FRANCISCO: Uber Technologies Inc.’s quiet resolution this week of allegations that it put thousands of women at risk of sexual assault by their …