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Naked woman activist who TROLLED Putin with topless protests found dead
Daily Star
The Ukrainian activist and her group FEMEN used to troll Russian President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders with topless demonstrations.

Vladimir Putin’s Biker Gang Sets up Military Camp in NATO Member State, Public Figures Urge …
Russia’s infamous biker gang the ‘Night Wolves,’ which has deep ties to President Vladimir Putin , is on another European tour—and this time it has …

Pompeo defiant in clash over Trump-Putin summit
‘Last week, President Trump held a summit with Vladimir Putin , someone who has violated the most fundamental international norms … in the summit’s …

Hearing points to Vladimir Putin’s role in Russian doping scandal
Chicago Tribune
Supporters of a bill that would make international sports doping a crime argued Wednesday that the legislation would deter scandals like Russian …

Here’s why Russia and Vladimir Putin don’t have a first lady in service
The South African
Vladimir Putin first lady SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 07: Russian President Vladamir Putin attends a press conference with Australian Prime …

White House Bans Reporter For Asking Donald Trump Questions About Michael Cohen, Vladimir
“Why is Vladimir Putin not accepting your invitation?” In a strongly worded statement, CNN said,”This decision to bar a member of the press is …

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a creaking ship. Don’t fall for the propaganda
The Guardian
And the idea of the nation being united around Vladimir Putin is fiction. Russia is often presented in binary terms: as a country divided between …

In his own words: Trump on Russian interference and Vladimir Putin
Los Angeles Times
In October 2016, all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies publicly concluded that Russia was interfering in the U.S. presidential election at the behest of …

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Exclusive: Obama Administration Knowingly Funded a Designated al-Qaeda Affiliate
National Review
President Barack Obama participates in a news conference at the White House, November 14, 2016. (Jonathan Ernst) The group had been on a list of …

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Addicted To Barack Obama
Right Wing Watch
Tony Perkins says he doesn’t mind the fact that Trump is tweeting militaristic threats at foreign leaders: “Sometimes to get things back in order, you’ve …

Former Obama Photographer Embarks On Yet Another Trump-Bashing Roll
On Wednesday, the shutterbug mocked Trump by sharing three images from his time covering former President Barack Obama’s administration.

[LISTEN] ‘Social media a democratiser of information’
Eyewitness News
Radio 702 | Talk Radio 702 Bongani Bingwa speaks to Tom Cochran, a former head of Digital Communications under Barack Obama Administration, …

Patti, quit blaming Obama and everyone else — Rod put himself in prison
Chicago Sun-Times
She continues to blame Barack Obama , Robert Mueller, James Comey, and Patrick Fitzgerald but she needs to look in her own backyard. Maybe he …

Trump supporters will regret his trade war
Chicago Tribune
… workers, farmers, ranchers, capitalists resentful of Barack Obama and people who ride Harleys, is now doing his best to turn them all against him.

Exclusive – Barack Obama Still Nursing Wounds of Imperialism
Asharq Al-awsat English
Exclusive – Barack Obama Still Nursing Wounds of Imperialism. Thursday, 26 July, 2018 – 05:45. London – Amir Taheri. THE WORLD AS IT IS

MMUSI MAIMANE: Barack Obama’s warning about democracy falls on deaf ears
Business Day
Barack Obama’s lecture on the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth contained a timely message that we ignore at our peril. Our democracy, hard won …

Alice Johnson recalls ‘feeling of betrayal’ from Obama, urges working with Trump
Washington Examiner
Former prison inmate Alice Johnson said Wednesday she had a ‘feeling of betrayal’ when former President Barack Obama left office with her still …

Imprisoned former sheriff Robert Arnold blames President Barack Obama for incarceration
The Daily News Journal
Incarcerated former sheriff Robert Arnold contends inmates like himself were targets of ‘the Obama Justice Department,’ according to a proposal he …

奥巴马 – 2018-07-27 – 每日易讯


正如理查德·沃林在《东风:法国知识分子与20世纪60年代的遗产》一书导言中总结的那样,1968年仍然是一个当代政治必不可少的参照点: 奥巴马 在2008年 …

尽管如此,特朗普2017年就任总统以来似乎也并没有兴趣像其前任 奥巴马 那样,对去年仅游说支出总额就已高达1800万美元的谷歌母公司Alphabet展开反 …

这些新规最早可能在本周发布,将叫停不断提高燃效要求的计划。这一计划是加州与前总统 奥巴马 (Barack Obama)时期的监管机构合作制定的,目的是为了 …

川普在推特上写道:〝所以 奥巴马 总统在选举前就知道俄罗斯会干扰。他怎么什么措施都没采取?他怎么没告诉我的竞选团队?因为这根本就是场骗局,这 …

美国 奥巴马 政府时期的国防部长卡特到访台湾,并与台湾总统蔡英文共同出席亚太安全对话论坛。卡特表示,台湾是印太战略一员,美国政策乐见两岸稳定 …

大纪元 (新闻发布)
【大纪元2018年07月25日讯】据知情人士透露,针对 奥巴马 时期制定的汽车排放标准,川普政府有可能在本周公布修改草案;将建议收回加州自行规划汽车 …

挑战 奥巴马 时代:特朗普或于近日宣布废除加州制定燃油标准的权力
而今,美国总统特朗普正寻求取消加州制定燃油效率标准的权力,并可能改变 奥巴马 政府2012年提出的提高燃油效率标准的计划。 奥巴马 执政期间的远大 …

特朗普要与伊朗重签协议: 奥巴马 签的就是一场灾难
海外网7月25日电近日,围绕伊核问题,美国和伊朗双方掀起一轮又一轮的口水战,特朗普和伊朗外长还互在推特上“恶言相向”。不过,特朗普24日松口称, …

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Secret Tape Reveals Donald Trump and Michael Cohen Discussing Payment to Former Playboy …
Michael Cohen’s legal team has released a secretly recorded conversation between Cohen and his longtime former client, President Donald Trump , …

Trump is hiding his phone calls to world leaders from the public
The White House will no longer tell the public when Donald Trump speaks to foreign heads of government, CNN reported earlier this week. In recent …

Donald Trump Jr. divorce: Lawyers say first son, wife Vanessa nearing a custody agreement
NEW YORK – A New York judge congratulated Donald Trump Jr. and his estranged wife Vanessa Thursday for resolving child custody issues as they …

Trump delays proposed Putin meeting until 2019
The Denver Post
WASHINGTON — The White House said Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s proposed Washington meeting with Russian President Vladimir …

The massive challenge of covering Donald Trump
Those are all adjectives I have used to describe actions Donald Trump has taken, tweets he has sent or statements he made in the 18 months since he …

Mike Pence’s Damning Indictment of Donald Trump
The Atlantic
Six years before Mike Pence worked to put Donald Trump in the White House, became his vice president, and proceeded to lavish praise on his job …

Trump Exposes the Holes in Campaign-Finance Laws
The Atlantic
The release of a taped telephone conversation between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump has given rise to renewed questions about whether …

The military does not belong to Donald Trump
Barbara Starr is CNN’s Pentagon correspondent. The views expressed in this commentary are her own. View more opinion articles on CNN.

WATCH: President Donald Trump’s Iowa workforce development roundtable
PEOSTA and DUBUQUE, Ia. — President Donald Trump landed at the Dubuque Regional Airport Thursday, greeted by about 150 invited guests, …

Donald Trump defends tariffs in key political area: Farm country
Facing criticism from allies and Republican worries about upcoming congressional elections, President Donald Trump traveled to two farm states …


Former Trump aide Omarosa has ‘explosive’ book coming
Former President Donald Trump aide and ‘Apprentice’ contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman has a memoir coming that her publisher calls …

Health of Donald Trump
Since the early days of Donald Trump ‘s presidential campaign, his physical and mental health have been a subject of public debate. Trump was …

Learn Python by analyzing Donald Trump’s tweets
Many consider Donald Trump’s tweets unpresidential. But many disagree. Is there any way to settle the question with a little help from Python? Sure!

Prince Harry Is A Carbon Copy Of His Grandfather HuffPost Canada
SHARE · EMAIL. Prince Harry and his grandfather, Prince Philip, look strikingly similar in side- by -side photos. … Burnett: Trump is trying to save face.

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特朗普 之星又被毁了这次毁的很彻底【突发美国】
The ChinaPress
特朗普 之星又被毁了这次毁的很彻底【突发美国】 … 7月25日,好莱坞星光大道上的 朗普 之星遭破坏,嫌疑人用一把鹤嘴锄将星星完全摧毁。据警方称,嫌疑 …

特朗普 是认真的吗?美国贸易战背后的逻辑
加拿大国际广播中文网站 (博客)
美国总统 特朗普 这段时间几乎把美国的主要贸易伙伴国和盟友骂了个遍。中国、加拿大、欧盟、北约、墨西哥,所有人都在“占美国的便宜”。与此同时,美国高 …

回信墨西哥当选总统 特朗普 摆出“两条路”
墨西哥当选总统安德烈斯·曼努埃尔·洛佩斯·奥夫拉多尔24日公开美国总统唐纳德· 朗普 写给他的回信。 特朗普 写道,他希望《北美自由贸易协定》(NAFTA) …

特朗普 补贴农民120亿美元要升级贸易战?农民不接受
特朗普 补贴农民120亿要升级贸易战?德国外长:欧盟必须反击. 【环球时报综合报道】当美国与世界多国之间贸易战升温之际, 特朗普 政府24日宣布向受贸易 …

欧美暂时停火! 特朗普 宣布欧洲让步“零关税”是谈判目标
美国总统 特朗普 与欧盟委员会主席容克达成一致,以避免欧美贸易战。欧盟同意进口更多大豆,下调工业关税,并就进口美国液化天然气做更多工作,但未含 …

特朗普 因“通俄门”调查推迟邀请普京访美
中新社华盛顿7月25日电(记者刁海洋)美国总统国家安全事务助理博尔顿25日宣布, 特朗普 总统决定在“通俄门”调查结束后再邀请俄罗斯总统普京访美。

重磅! 特朗普 与容克就贸易达成协议欧元急涨、美元下挫
FX168财经报社(香港)讯据外媒周三(7月25日)发布的最新消息,美国总统 特朗普 与欧盟委员会主席容克据悉就缓和美欧贸易紧张关系达成协议。美国总统特 …

特朗普 能源政策开始发威,中国应对之策何在
执政一年半以来, 特朗普 的能源政策日益清晰,能源已成为 特朗普 手中有效的对内政策工具和强有力的对外政策武器,中国应认真研究、积极应对. 文/王能全.

特朗普 大怒!只因梅拉尼娅在空军一号上收看CNN?
The ChinaPress
【侨报记者逸清7月25日洛杉矶报道】近日美国总统 特朗普 和第一夫人梅拉尼娅(Melania Trump)乘坐空军一号(Air Force One)时, 特朗普 因为梅拉尼娅做的这 …

特朗普 倡美欧零关税中国针对美农民手法「恶毒」
美国总统 特朗普 周三(25日)会晤欧盟官员,他在社交网站贴文,提议美国与欧盟零关税,同时取消所有关税、贸易壁垒以及补贴,达致自由市场及公平贸易。